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What Brands Offer the Best Car Subscriptions?

Like almost anything else these days, cars are expensive. Buying brand-new is no longer a feasible option for many people because of the costs involved. Especially with the pandemic, many are experiencing financial problems. Despite this, it does not mean that you cannot be driving a good car. Car subscriptions have you covered!

In a nutshell, a car subscription is a vehicle ownership model wherein you will be paying a fixed monthly fee. In exchange, you will receive a car that the plan allows. Depending on the terms, you can swap it into another car.

This means that you can be driving a new car almost every month. The best thing is that it is inclusive of other perks, such as maintenance, insurance, and roadside assistance.

Looking for the best car subscription brand? This article talks about some of the top options to consider. For a more comprehensive discussion of the available options, make sure to check out bestcarsubscription.org.

In recent months, some car subscriptions have already ceased their operations, including those under Mercedes Benz, Audi, and BMW.

Porsche Drive

If you love luxury, then this is the best option for you. For a fixed monthly fee, you can drive some expensive sports cars. You can select vehicles from the Porsche fleet without visiting a dealership. You can do so at the convenience of your fingertips through their seamless mobile app.

You can choose from the single or multi-vehicle subscription. For a single vehicle, the cost ranges from $1,500 to $2,600 depending on the car you would like to drive. If you want multiple cars, on the other hand, you will pay $2,100 every month plus tax. It is also worth noting that both plans will have a one-time activation fee of $595.

Care by Volvo

This is another notable option if you want to drive luxury cars for less. The company presents its subscription program as a modern alternative to leasing. Aside from flexibility, the plans are all-inclusive, so you can expect the best bang for the buck. Their plans start at $675 per month, depending on the specific model chosen. All the transactions are completed online without the need for negotiation. The price is fixed and you can be confident of the best value for every dollar as it is already inclusive of insurance and maintenance, among other privileges.

Nissan Switch

For a cheaper alternative to the two subscriptions mentioned above, Nissan Switch is a great option. For as low as $699 per month, you can choose from different cars, including Altima, Pathfinder, Frontier, and Rogue. If you want access to premium cars like Murano, Maxima, and Leaf Plus, you will need to pay $899.

You can even drive the coveted GT-R sports car, which you can get from either plan for an additional $100. However, take note you will still have to pay a one-time activation fee of $495.

Pivotal by Jaguar and Land Rover

For the most discerning drivers, this is a notable option for a high-end car subscription. For a monthly premium, you can access the most in-demand cars from Jaguar and Land Rover. There is no long-term commitment, so you do not have to be tied to a contract. It is easy to opt-out. The best thing is that you will never be bored with your car. You will get a new one once every six months. If you do not want to switch, you can keep your initial car. If you want to change, on the other hand, the car will be delivered right in your stated delivery address. This is one of the many ways by which the company guarantees convenience to their subscribers,

Portfolio by Open Road

Before you even think of signing up for this car subscription service, allow us to highlight one thing – it is exclusive to Canadian users. Their portfolio of cars includes models from some of the most trusted manufacturers, including Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Porsche, and Land Rover, among others. The experience is completely online, so it is convenient.

Two main plans are available – Gold for $1,499 per month and Platinum for $2,499 per month. The gold plan includes two vehicle flips per month while you can do so up to four times if you are a platinum subscriber.

Hertz My Car

If you have been renting cars, then you are most probably aware of Hertz. As a response to the call of their customers for better flexibility, they are also offering a car subscription service. Tier 1 is the most affordable, which costs $599 per month. It includes access to economy and compact cars. On the other hand, Tier 2 costs $999 per month, which includes small SUVs and full-sized sedans. The most expensive is Tier 3. It costs $1,399 monthly, and you can choose from SUV, large trucks, and luxury sedans.


As the name implies, this will allow you to borrow cars by being a subscriber. This is a niche service since it is focused on electric vehicles. This is the perfect option for people who would like to be more proactive in promoting a cleaner environment. After picking your desired vehicle, you can choose from flexible terms, which can be three, six, or nine months. A soft credit check will then be conducted, and it won’t take long before you can get approval. They will arrange a pick-up for you, making the service more convenient.


Whether you are looking for a basic or luxury car, Sixt+ has your needs covered. The most affordable plan costs $499 per month, which includes access to a sedan like Hyundai Accent. Meanwhile, for $579 per month, you can drive an SUV, such as Volkswagen Tiguan. Those who do not mind a splurge, meanwhile, will be happy with full-sized SUVs, which cost $1,019 per month. It includes everything that you will need for hassle-free driving, such as insurance and roadside assistance. You can also enjoy flexible plans, which means that you can cancel anytime. You can change your vehicles once a year.