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What Are The Health Benefits of Waterskiing?


For people who grew up near the water, waterskiing might be almost as natural as walking. But some people who have never tried it don’t realize that waterskiing has become one of the world’s most popular sports. Millions of people all over the US waterski for fun and some even do it for physical fitness. 

If you have regular access to the water, you might be considering taking up waterskiing as part of your fitness routine. Below are some of the best health benefits of hitting the water on skis. And remember, if you plan to waterski for fitness, you’ll need a great set of skis for the best results. 

Muscle Toning 

Many people believe waterskiing only tones and shapes the lower body. But did you know that the sport uses every muscle in the body? Waterskiing affects your arms, shoulders, back, core, and even your posture. 

Balance and Core Strength

Getting up on your skis and staying up requires you to finetune your balance and core strength. It takes plenty of strength to keep the waves from knocking you off your feet. And you need that balance and strong core for every moment you are moving. 

Resistance Training 

Waterskiing makes you hold yourself up and stay there with resistance. You’ll see that it works your legs, arms, core, and every muscle in those areas. The day after you waterski for the first time, you’ll be sore all over, which is a good thing! 

Many health experts say that resistance training with waterskiing can be better for you than free weights, which can strain your muscles. 

Good For The Joints 

When you can find an intense exercise that is easy on your joints, it’s a fantastic thing. One of the best things about waterskiing is it works out your muscles without pounding your joints. It’s all body resistance using a free range of motion. 

Strong Legs

Toning up the legs can be tricky, even with running and weightlifting. But waterskiing will provide that tone and shape you’ve been craving. Your legs must absorb the pounding wake behind the boat. You also need to control your direction, which requires many leg movements. And, you’re in a half-squat the entire time, so you’ll see your quadriceps will be exceptionally toned. 


Being on the lake, river, or ocean can have a calming effect on your mind. It forces you to focus everything on the task, and you leave your daily worries onshore. Plus, the endorphins released by a good workout will increase your health and happiness. 

Calorie Burning 

Did you know an hour on the skis can burn up to 400 calories? 

General Health 

Like most forms of exercise, waterskiing can improve your health. For example, you can reduce your risk of hypertension, obesity, heart disease, and obesity. It also can lower your triglyceride levels and boost your good cholesterol. 


There are so many incredible health benefits of waterskiing. Also, there are other benefits to this exciting sport to consider. For example, waterskiing is one of the best ways to enjoy some of the most beautiful scenes of nature. Head out to the ocean, an alpine lake, or a cerulean bay to soak in the beauty and sun. 

Also, waterskiing is a great social activity. It’s a way for friends and family to gather. If you don’t own a boat, ask someone close to you with a boat to give it a try. You’ll see that it brings people together when everyone waterskis, even if some of them fall a few times! 

Make sure you hit the water often – you’ll want to make it a weekly part of your exercise routine.