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What Are The Causes Of Car Accidents?


About 90 people die every day in the US in car accidents. Surveys have found that there are many reasons for these car accidents. There are three broad classifications of the causes of car accidents.

They are:

  1. Driver-Related
  2. Vehicle-Related
  3. Road and Environment-Related

Many other factors come under each of these classifications. They are:


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  1. Due to distractions: Car accidents can occur when the driver gets distracted while driving, such as falling asleep, losing focus, etc.
  2. Due to indecision: When the driver fails to make a decision or a quick action or fails to follow traffic rules, car crashes and vehicle accidents can occur. This category includes accidents caused due to over-speeding, tailgating, reckless and drunk driving, etc.
  3. Improper performance: Accidents can be caused due to improper performance of the drivers. It can include a situation where they overreact in situations and take sharp turns losing control over the vehicle.


  • Caused due to tires and wheels: Issues such as flat tires, misalignment of wheels, and other wheel and tire-related issues. To avoid such issues, one must get the vehicles checked regularly.
  •   Caused due to brakes: Issues related to brakes and brake failures are a major cause of accidents not just in the US, but the world in general.
  • Caused due to engine and vehicle suspension: If the vehicle suspension is damaged or if the engine is faulty, it can lead to vehicle accidents anytime and anywhere.
  • Unspecified Vehicle issues: Unspecified Vehicle issues when the cause of the accident cannot be determined effectively, and the damage is done.

Road and Environment-Related:

  • Obstructed View: When the driver’s view is obstructed due to weather conditions such as rain and snow or fog.
  • Road issues: The design of the road, potholes, or bad conditions of the road can lead to accidents. It is a very common reason for accidents across the world today.
  • Improper road signs: If the road signs and traffic lights are faulty, it can lead to confusion among the drivers and lead to car crashes and accidents on the road.
  • Road designs: Road designs are another major cause of accidents. Improper curves and grading or banking on the roads can lead to several car accidents in the US.

When you face a car accident in the US, whether you are the driver or the pedestrian, call 911 for any medical assistance. Next, you must contact a car accident lawyer if you have some insurance claims to be settled.


  1. Very helpful article! Nicely organized and easy to read. One thing that is left out is drivers’ eyesight that could be impaired. In Florida, many seniors have problems due to various vision problems. In addition to all the car safety checks and the driver’s issues, people need eye exams. You can have a car in perfect order, but it means nothing if the driver can’t see properly. The article was well-written, very informative, plus, it was easy to read! No typos, no grammatical errors! A+