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What are Residential Proxies and Why Businesses Need Them?


Residential proxies are an invaluable tool for businesses that wish to collect and analyze data, comparing products and prices online, and improving their market reach without getting disclosed or blocked by the websites.

A residential proxy works as an intermediary between the internet and the internet user’s IP address. Instead of coming from a data center, it comes from an ISP (internet service provider).

The great thing about a residential proxy is that they are linked to a physical location, which means they are based on real digital services. That is because every IP is linked to a device that it is assigned to at the time of purchase. Beyond hiding your identity, there are numerous benefits to using a residential proxy, such as ad verification, web scraping, e-commerce, SEO, and price comparison.

How residential proxies work? 

A residential proxy network works by masking your real IP address by channeling your internet connection through a third-party server. The service’s main purpose is to create a pseudo-residential IP address for you, and the addresses show up as though they are coming from a genuine home location or device.

Out of the box, IPs tied to physical locations in the target area would be generated and used to mask the actual address. In doing so, the website your access will “assume” your HTTP request is coming within that location and appear as a home address with a high trust score.

SEO content compliance

A residential proxy can support multiple SEO tools. The platform supports a lot of tools besides Xrumer and Scrapebox. Proper onsite SEO improves both your site traffic and leads. By scraping your competitors’ websites, you get information about their sources of traffic and keywords.

What’s more, is that you can tweak your website content to support multiple languages. Link building to and from an authority website is also important. If you already have the proper tool, all you need to buy residential proxies that will allow you to create valuable links for your business website to flourish.  

Market price monitoring

In order to keep your customer stream coming, it’s vital to monitor and comply with all the market pricing trends.  Because no one wants to overprice products, residential proxies allow leveraging sales intelligence tools to provide timely market price updates.

The data collected by your sales software should be analyzed in depth. If not done correctly, you are more likely to end up with the wrong pricing info, damaging your business sales efforts.

Social media management

For a successful brand-building drive, you might need multiple social media accounts to show your activity and presence on various social media channels. If you generate social media accounts in bulk from one IP address, those accounts are more likely to get banned by the websites, and that is where the role of residential proxies is important.

When you create several accounts with a different proxy, the social media platform will be looking at multiple IP addresses from all over the world, meaning that they will not get blocked.