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Weird Florida Laws You’ve Never Heard Of


The state of Florida has its law system. From the courtroom to the public parks, exciting laws are enough to keep residents on their toes. Here are some of the most interesting, weird Florida Laws we could find, sure to give you a chuckle or two. 

Strange Florida Laws to Make You Laugh

Pour yourself a fresh cup of Joe and browse through this list of weird Florida laws you have not heard before. In case you are wondering, these laws are legitimate. We even fact-checked to make sure. Some of them are so spectacular we needed a second, third, and fourth opinion. We even consulted with Sydney lawyers to make sure we were correct. We were – but that does not make these weird rules and regulations any less strange. 

No Sunday Parachuting for Unmarried Women

Seriously. You can get arrested if you go parachuting as an unmarried woman on a Sunday in Florida. They can send you to jail or fine you. Florida officials rescinded this rule in 2005. In case you are wondering, parachuting became popular after its invention in 1783. 

Rats on Sinking Ships

A Florida Law bans rats from leaving the ships that dock at Tampa Bay. This law dates to plague days. Rats can transmit 35+ known diseases to humans. In addition, when rats travel from other countries, they spread diseases such as rabies. So it makes perfect sense to ban the rats from leaving the docks. It is a darned shame that rats can’t read or speak English, which makes it harder for them to obey this law – which is written addressed to the rats. 

Fire! Fire! Fire!

For evident and worthy reasons, it is highly illegal not to tell your neighbor that their house is on fire. This makes sense since bushfires in the area can become intense. 

Fishing While Driving

It is illegal to fish from your car while you are driving across a bridge in Florida. We are not sure why people need instruction not to feel and go simultaneously – but here we are. This rLauraule constitutes a noncriminal traffic infraction, which is punishable as a traffic violation. Oh, it only applies to state road bridges. Other bridges are fine. 

Falling Asleep at the Salon

Did you know it is illegal to fall asleep under the hair dryer here is unlawful? If you go to the salon and fall asleep while your curls are setting, you and the salon owner could face a fine. How anyone hopes to police this, we do not know. However, there are horror stories of women being trapped in dryers for too long and burning their scalps. It is more dangerous than falling asleep in the sun. 

Stay Safe Out There

If you are visiting Florida, you better brush up on the rules. You do not want to get arrested for doing something silly.