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Watch Cruise Ship Head Straight Towards a Mansion

Have you seen the video making the rounds showing Celebrity Cruises’ 19-story cruise ship, the Celebrity Equinox, headed eerily close to a series of homes on the water near Port Everglades?

Homeowners Bill and Yasmine Todhunter recorded the March 3 event.  In the video the cruise ship can be seen headed towards the couple’s back patio, which is located directly on the inlet at Port Everglades.

For years, the Todhunters have been enjoying the views of cruise ships and boats. This time, Yasmine Todhunter ran out of her home and began recording the approaching cruise ship. Her husband is seen on video waving his arms and both of them are heard yelling to try and get someone’s attention.

“This is too close!” Todhunter yells. “Too close!”

“This thing’s coming through the house!” she said.

Fortunately, the ship was able to stop in the nick of time and veer away.

“The ship operated safely and did not put guests or crew at risk, and multiple monitors confirm the ship never touched bottom. The U.S. Coast Guard reviewed the ship’s activity and data and determined no further action was needed,” the cruise line said in a statement to Travel Agent magazine.

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Video courtesy Bill Todhunter/facebook

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