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Want to Design Signs that Create a Marketing Buzz? Here’s7 Killer Tips

Although social media and other forms of internet marketing have taken the business world by storm, it’s still not right for business owners to ignore tried-and-tested methods like a tried-and-tested sign that have been producing amazing results.

When you do your work well on your LED open sign, people can even snap it and share it over social media. This way, they’ll do the marketing for you. Therefore, a good sign remains a powerful marketing tool that you should never ignore. But for that to happen, you need to design your signage in a way that creates marketing buzz. Here are the tips that make your brand really stand out.

  • Always Choose the More Compelling Color Schemes

Concerning sign design, the color palette you opt for has a greater effect on how your target audience will perceive the picture than even the individual colors. If your idea is to make one color to be outstanding, you have to separate it from the rest of that color scheme. Therefore, color has a lot less to do with single color hues that you pick. It’s more of the sum-total effect. A carefully selected palette will control the emotional impact that the colors have on the viewer. It is recommended to always try numerous color schemes. You also need to be very particular about the colors you want and those you don’t want.

  • Use Unique and Large Shapes of Signs

Most people just use rectangular shapes when it comes to signage but this is choosing the easier way out. Instead of being like everyone else, you can ditch the right angles and try creating a unique shape of the sign that will stand out from the crowd. Signs usually are more effective when the shape provides a compelling background to the sign or tends to flow around the content.

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  • Ensure Great Text Contrast

Just like the color scheme above, the typefaces and fonts you choose should be complementary to each other or put in a way they are deliberately contrasting. For instance, consider mixing a serif font with a script font. Another alternative would be to use a west-style font alongside a modern sans-serif one. This adds a feeling of a paradigm shift to your sign.

  • Be Funny and Use Topical References

Referring to current topics and using fun can be a great way of attracting people. Although they are quite easy to come up with and don’t require any creativity, they are an effective technique for marketing your business. Brainstorm references and puns with your team but before you deploy your sign, do a bit of research to see if some people could find the jab offensive.

Use Interactive Signage

When you use an interactive open sign, you are inviting people to come closer and take a look. This interactive signage can be as simple as a cutout display for silly, fun [pictures. Also, they could be comparably more involved, for instance, interactive displays that are common at educational places such as science museums and zoos. The idea is to get creative, as this is what will inspire people to take more interest in your business.

  • Consider Viewing Distance

You need to get the distance from which people will view the signage right. Remember that the height of letters, when viewed on a billboard, is nowhere near its size when displayed on a sale sign once a customer has got into your physical store.

You need to carefully think about the different distances from where the sign will be viewed as well. This will give you a rough idea about how legible it might be for someone who is driving past the sign and when they stop at the store and walk-in.

There are some rules guiding the text size to use for a specific distance. For instance, from a distance of 3/5 miles, like on a billboard, the best height of letters to use is 96 inches. However, this drops to 5/16 inches when the distance is 7 feet.

  • Keep Branding in Mind

Whether it is a LED open sign or other types of signage, you need to ensure that it’s instantly recognizable as a brand that belongs to you. By including your logo in the design, viewers will instantly know that the signage is that of your brand. With a style guide, everything will have the same look which is important in building consistency in your marketing.

  • Your Signage Should Tell a Story

The space on your sign could be limited but this doesn’t stop you from telling a story and capturing your viewers’ imagination. One of the best ways of driving brand engagement is storytelling. The art of storytelling is an age-old tradition and it can be used to great effect by your signs.

Make sure that your story relates to your service, brand, or some other aspect of your company. To get inspiration on the kind of story to tell, you may want to think about how you’ve assisted customers or even how your venture started.

The reason some signs don’t work for certain people is that they are not designed to generate a buzz around the products or services that you offer. Doing this makes your ad spend ineffectively used.