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Is Vaping Better Than Smoking? Here’s Why Many Say Yes


It doesn’t really matter whether or not you smoke. Unless you’ve lived under a rock for the past couple of years, then you surely know that vaping has become a global phenomenon. While it first started to take hold of regular cigarette and tobacco consumers, it would seem that vaping has found its place in the cannabis community as well. Many are wondering whether or not it’s worth switching over, so we’re here to give you a couple of examples of how there are benefits to vaping instead of smoking, even when it comes to cannabis.

Staying safe

Vaping is deemed to be a safer method of inhaling, in comparison to traditional smoking. This is because unlike smoking, vaping implies that you don’t get to inhale the same amount of carcinogens as you would while smoking. You see, when vaping, you are basically just passing hot air over the cannabis leaves. Then, the THC is released and the user, meaning you, is allowed to inhale it without as many side effects as smoking. When smoking, the leaves actually get burned, which means that you are subjected to more dangerous substances.

Being more subtle

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For some, this isn’t an important detail, but others value the importance of not being annoying for those around them. As a result, vaping might be worth a shot for the latter category since it’s a lot more subtle than smoking. Vaping hardly produces any smell, which is great if you don’t want to draw attention to yourself. This is also because the leaves burned in the process as they are in the case of traditional smoking. It’s not just how the air around you smells, but also how your clothes smell. If you don’t like your clothes smelling of smoke, you can avoid that by vaping.

More options

For those that like being able to customize the smoking experience and make it their own, vaping might be an awesome trade-off because it allows you to play around with tons of options. When you smoke, you don’t really have any options, but when you vape you have a lot to choose from in terms of flavor, vaping device and even vaping technique. There are vaping devices available at different price ranges so going over to SmokeCartel can be a fun experience of choosing what suits your style best.

Whether you remain a through and through smoker or give vaping a chance, there’s no denying that the latter presents some clear advantages. Even if you don’t convert to vaping overnight, giving it a try can’t hurt, especially if you have a friend that already vapes, so you don’t have to buy your own to try it out.

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