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Update: Truth About Hurricane Irma Debris Pickup: It Will Take Months!

Two weeks after Irma, still waiting for debris pickup in Plantation (Buddy Nevins)

Want to know the truth about all those tree trunks, tree limbs and other debris ripped apart by Hurricane Irma’s winds and now lying in front of homes all over Florida?

Irma left some home owners a Christmas present in the swale.

Because it will be months before all the debris can be picked up, pushing the last debris removal into the Holiday season!

There aren’t enough trucks to cover the 48 counties impacted by the storm.

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Hurricane debris contractor Ron Bergeron estimates the state needs 10,000 trucks for the roughly 1,000 Florida communities hit by Irma. Only 3,000 are available statewide to date.

Meanwhile prices for pickups are skyrocketing and Tallahasssee is seemingly doing nothing.

“It’s the wild West out there. Cities are bidding against each other for debris removal,” Bergeron says. “This is a Florida-wide event. Everybody is competing for resources. There are just not enough resources to go around.”

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