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The Ultimate List of Essentials Oils to Treat Dry Scalp

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Dry scalp is painful, unsightly, and downright annoying. It leads to flaky skin coming through the hair and can even restrict the hair growth. We’re left with thin, tired locks that just need some life put back into them.

While you can work on the hair itself, you need to work on the dry scalp. There are so many reasons for dry scalp, which isn’t something we’ll look into today. Instead, it’s time to look at how to treat your dry scalp issue through the use of essential oils.

Yes, we want to focus on essential oils. There are plenty of treatments over the counter, but they are expensive and quite honestly they’re filled with chemicals that just make the dry scalp worse. You want something natural and effective.

Essential oils are extremely powerful and used in various home remedy treatments. They help to moisturize and balance the hormones, which can help to repair the natural oil production. But you need to use the right types of essential oils for your scalp condition.

So, with that in mind here is your ultimate list of essential oils that will treat your dry scalp condition. Now all you need to do is choose the essential oil that you prefer the most.

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