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U.S. government shuts down as Trump feuds with Democrats

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The U.S. Congress failed to reach agreement last night on funding government employees.  The shut down comes on the first anniversary of President Trump’s inaugural. The senate are to report back to work and an attempt at ending the shut down later today.

Here are some headlines:

PoliticoGOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN 2018 – Latest updates from Capitol Hill and the White House.

Some six hours after the federal government shut down, President Donald Trump tweeted that the Democrats had given him a “nice present” on the one-year anniversary of his inauguration.

“This is the One Year Anniversary of my Presidency and the Democrats wanted to give me a nice present. #DemocratShutdown,” he tweeted at 6:33 a.m. Saturday.

VOXGovernment shutdown 2018: what a federal government shutdown actually means.

Congress has missed a government shutdown deadline.

The House and Senate had until midnight on Friday, January 19, to pass a spending bill before the federal government ran out of money and closed its doors.

Despite controlling every lever of government, Republicans are somehow faced with the possibility that they can’t get the votes together to keep the government open.

It’s been more than four years since the last government shutdown, but after copious experience with shutdowns, especially during the protracted budget standoffs of the Clinton and Obama presidencies, we have a good sense of what will happen to the federal government.

FOX NewsDems deserve blame for ‘Schumer Shutdown,’ GOP leaders say

Republican leaders blamed their Democratic counterparts after the Senate failed to pass a spending bill by midnight Friday to avert a government shutdown.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and the GOP needed 60 votes to pass a measure that would have kept the government running until mid-February, but not enough Democrats went along with the plan. The tally was 50-49, with five Democrats voting in favor of the measure and five Republicans voting against it.

CNNGovernment shuts down as lawmakers still searching for a deal

The federal government shut down at midnight Friday as senators continued to scramble to reach a deal to fund the government.

This is the first modern government shutdown with Congress and the White House controlled by the same party, and it comes on the one-year anniversary of President Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Trump’s White House however immediately blamed Democrats for the shutdown.