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Two Scrabble Quick Tips to Help You Score Better


For such a gentle word game, Scrabble is highly competitive. Players argue there’s no point playing if you are not in it to win. For the novice, here are a couple of pointers that could get you off to a good start.

The first move, first lead

Getting a kick start by going first gives you the upper hand. This tactic helps if you are faced with a fierce competitor. Earning a double score for the first word you plant does not guarantee a win, but does motivate and focus the mind.

 However, you need luck at the time of the draw to be closest to A to get the first turn. 

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Making the first move puts you in control. You set the mood of the game and players now have to anticipate your strategy. It is in your hands to allow fellow players or stand firm and encompass the bonus blocks by five-letter or more words. You can avoid others connecting to your word vertically if you make it short.  

Maneuver the jackpots wisely

Carefully examine the scoring areas of the board and plan ahead on how you can use them for an instant score boost.

It is important to learn about the assembly of bonus blocks and their respective color connections. For instance, red is for triple-word score, pink is for double-word score, whereas dark blue and light blue are for triple-letter and double-letter scores respectively.

Playing your tiles aiming for these blocks for high, multiplied scores is not enough to win this game. You need to stay ahead of your opponent and not leave loopholes. Using high score words might be helping out other players so plan your defense as well. Block opportunities for them to score higher than you. And if by chance, you plot a word near a scoring block, avoid using a root word which can be extended.

The Bottom Line

After just a few games, you start seeing the board differently. Instead of focusing on creating words, you begin to focus more on your score and the value of each tile you hold and your options for placing them for maximum effect, to score points and block. As you improve you get better at predicting your opponents’ moves and keeping track of your openings. The more you play the more scrabble draws you in as a highly involved game of strategy you might have to try playing dirty to win.

However, you need to learn the ropes and keep trying new tricks to ensure you manage to score well and win every game. A good idea is to go online and try a scrabble word finder –scrabble cheat.

By using it properly, you can improve your vocabulary and find some amazing words as well as tips to get better scores.  You may even learn to ‘cheat’ your way to a better score, which will go a long way in helping you claim another victory over your opponent.