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Turks and Caicos Islands’ #1 Fishing Charter Company, Catchin’ Caicos Fleet Swells

Travelers from around the world visit the Turks and Caicos Islands every year, with just over one million guests visiting the forty cays and islands in 2019. While there are a multitude of options for adventure tourism, guests return year after year for the unforgettable fishing experiences at Catchin’ Caicos.

Catchin’ Caicos is the premiere luxury fishing charter company in the Turks and Caicos Islands, known for its outstanding service and unbeatable fleet. Captain Roy – hailed by locals as “the fish whisperer” – heads the onboard staff, with many hands who compete (and win) together in fishing competitions.

This January, prime season for island travel, the company added to their ever-expanding fleet, a 36’ Benchmark Catamaran – now sitting pretty in Turtle Cove on the main island of Providenciales next to their other shining star, a 60’ Hatteras single-hull yacht.

Time and time again, clients who charter Catchin’ Caicos vessels are astounded by not only the ease in booking but the tireless service of the entire team. 

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Some of us believe that the more comfortable you are, the more productive you can be – and the latest addition to the Catchin’ Caicos fleet encompasses both comfortability and precision. The 36’ Benchmark Catamaran was manufactured to make every experience an unforgettable one with the best technology, smoothest sailing and luxurious salon.

Her double-hull is the feature that sets her apart from her Catchin’ Caicos peers, and provides stable, silky days on the sea for those who may otherwise fear the dreaded “seasickness.”  A yacht that’s easy to sail is also very easy to enjoy. This vessel is powered by a twin inboard 430hp Cummins Diesel Engine, known for its durability combined with the ability to tow a very hefty load if necessary.

The interior of the yacht is top-notch and well secured. The spacious salon is also furnished with the best materials, as many cabinets as you may need, and even more room to relax and enjoy the cruise. With top-of-the-line fishing equipment, a day on the water exploring the second largest reef in the Western Hemisphere is sure to yield reward.

Simrad Electronics provides a three-dimensional view underwater, assisting both in navigation and locating game. The best equipment is truly needed to make the best experience, and with the Shimano Talica TAC5011 Lever Drag 2 Speed Reels your fishing experience on this yacht is bound to be second to none. These powerful reels are compact, cold-forged, lightweight and mounted on Blackfin rods with 2-speed gear reduction capability.  This gives the reels a very powerful drag system to withstand long heavy battles. On a Catchin’ Caicos charter, guests do not leave empty-handed.

The reels are also mounted along with the Winthrop Tackle Terminator Adjusta-Butt. The design of this butt makes it so that only one is needed instead of two, and the saltwater rod can switch between bent butt and straight butt at the push of a button. This mechanism makes the adjustments faster and the fishing experience a joy.

The 36’ Benchmark Catchin’ Caicos II also features a “Release Marine Gimbal Rocket Launcher” – a fantastic choice for her cockpit. Designed to not take up valuable space, while accommodating four big game trolling rods at once, the catamaran’s deck is suited for the King of the Sea. The free-standing rocket launcher also doubles as the fighting station, while using the mounted gimbal to battle the fish. This equipment is fantastic for sport fishing, providing full functions while taking up minimal space.

Catchin’ Caicos is more equipped than ever to welcome guests to the fertile waters of the Turks and Caicos Islands, and with the latest addition to their fleet, there is truly “something for everyone.” Charter days can be tailored to suit the needs of any guest and can include gourmet lunches, snorkeling, visits to nearby islands, and visits to the kid-friendly pirate coves of the past.

To learn more about Catchin’ Caicos visit their website  http://www.catchincaicos.com/  or call 649.244.2927