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My Trip From Miami to New York

Miami Skyline
Flying Into NYC

South Florida (and Florida in general) is a top destination for New York retirees who move out of state in their golden years. And there are many migrating to the warm south for work-related reasons, as well.

The  Florida-New York connection already gives many Floridians good reason to visit New York: to visit friends and family they left behind and to revisit the memories of their former home. But there are also other reasons why flying up to NYC for vacation is a worthwhile experience for Florida residents.

Here are some of the memory-making excursions and experiences I engaged in while visiting New York from Miami:

1. Statue of Liberty

You can get on a boat to the Statue of Liberty, and view the shore and the city skyline along the way. This is the first treat you’ll enjoy on the “Liberty Tour.” Next, you’ll see the statue growing in size and clarity as you approach from a distance. The sun and shadows play off the statue’s surface and it’s a stunning sight.

You’ll dock at Liberty Island, where you can immediately take a photo of you and your entourage with Lady Liberty towering imposingly in the background. If youve made a reservation, you can explore inside the statue including a great view from the crown. Don’t forget to take advantage of the audio or guided tour. Remember to visit the on-island museum and cafe as well.

2. Ellis Island

I learned a lot of interesting history at Liberty Island, the stop (direct off the same ferry boat) at nearby Ellis Island was no less intriguing. There, I visited the immigration museum and learned about the 12 million immigrants who, for six consecutive decades, poured through Ellis Island’s immigration inspection station.

With 40% of the current US population having at least one ancestor who checked into the US via Ellis Island, it’s hard to overstate the importance of this tiny island in New York Harbor.

3. Bus Tour

I found it a bit challenging to map out all the routes between NYC’s most important tourist stops, and it’s even more difficult to know how to select them since there are so many to choose from. I opted for a NYC double decker bus tour that began at Times Square. The all-day pass, let me hop on and off as I pleased. 

A tour of Chinatown, lunch at a Little Italy pizza parlor, where I ate authentic New York style pizza, properly folded over like a sandwich. Then we made stops at the Empire State Building, the World Trade Center, Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park, and more. I did a little exploring on my own, but mostly I used two one-day bus tour passes. (I should have bought the two-day pass to save some, but didn’t realize till later that I wanted to tour a second day.)

4. Biking the City

With one more day before my flight back to Miami, I was feeling more confident at exploring the city. I rented a bike, and rode down along the Hudson River shore, I biked over Brooklyn Bridge. Eventually I rode through Central Park, and in and around my hotel. I also biked to my last couple of restaurant stops. Biking is very convenient, and very scenic in New York, and I’m glad I squeezed that in.


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