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Top Five Places To Go and Things To Do This Winter

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Summer is the quintessential vacation season for most families, but that does not mean you should miss out on some winter fun this year. Even though you can spend a few days of your winter break watching movies and television shows or gaming on quieter days, you should have other plans as well.

One of the best ways to recharge your batteries, ring in the New Year in style, and give your kids memories they will remember forever is to take a vacation.

Below are the top five winter vacation destinations in the United States this year.

Go Skiing

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One of the many perks of living in the United States is that you do not even need to travel abroad to have the time of your life. There are so many places in the USA that are covered in snow for most of the winter, which is why going skiing should be up there as a winter vacation you experience at least once or twice in your life.

Places such as Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Burlington, Vermont and Sun Valley, Idaho may not be the most popular tourist destinations on the planet, but they are hidden gems that will give you the experience of a lifetime. If your family loves spending time outdoors in the winter, as well as snowboarding, ice skating, or skiing, then you can have the best possible time at these destinations.

You may get sick of the cold pretty soon during your trip, which is why you should be sure to check out the various restaurants, bars, clubs, and other entertainment venues that have great reviews in those cities. Then you can make a final choice about where to take your skiing or snowboarding vacation.

Visit Las Vegas

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Those who do not want to spend any more time in the frigid cold can take an entirely different approach to their winter vacation. Book a trip to sunny Las Vegas this winter season, especially if you enjoy the glitz and glamour of one of the most fashionable cities in the United States.

Vegas is a fantastic destination any time of the year, which is part of its charm. If you are thinking about going somewhere warm in the winter, then Vegas is a great option. You can rent a room relatively affordably during the Christmas holidays, although staying around New Year might be a little more expensive.

Since many families opt for more traditional winter vacation spots, Vegas does open up a bit for others during this season. You may not find as many people at the slot machines and poker tables, which allows you to explore the legendary Strip in comfort.

Key West, Florida

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Another great place to go if you want a warmer winter experience, Key West, Florida, is only a few hours’ drive from Miami. You can explore this great state and all it has to offer, especially if you visit Miami or another major city before you hit Key West.

The reason this destination is so popular is because of the 70-degree weather, water sports near the beach, diving and snorkeling near the coral reefs, and the endless dining and entertainment options. Florida is one of the most bustling and thriving states in America at present, which is why everyone wants to go there for their holidays.

If you are a history buff, you can check out places such as the Key West City Cemetery and Ernest Hemingway House during your trip. Even if you are not planning to see a specific spot, roaming around downtown would give you a great view of the Caribbean-style ambiance and older architecture of this quaint city.

New York City


If you have never been to New York City, or that part of the country, visiting in the winter is a great idea. While most people think of going to NYC in the summer, the winter months are charming in a way that is hard to replicate elsewhere.

Watching the falling snow in the busiest city in the world, walking among the crowds at Times Square, or going to see the Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center are among the activities you can enjoy, aside from the usual sightseeing and shopping adventures.

New York is also home to the world’s greatest restaurants, and you can likely get a world-class meal from any country on the planet in any of its boroughs.

Honolulu, Hawaii


What better way to escape the cold in the North-East or other parts of the United States than with a trip down to Hawaii? The beaches are as good as ever during this time of the year, and the weather may be preferable for some to the hot summer temperatures.

Between snorkeling among ocean fish, relaxing on the beach, or surfing waves on your board, you can have so much fun in Hawaii. Such a vacation is truly for the whole family, as you can have quality time with your spouse, while the kids should have plenty to do as well.

Aside from the great location and its related amenities, Hawaii is also home to some of the most charming and high-end resorts and entertainment spots in the world. Prepare to enjoy delicious, local cuisine, watch quirky and charming shows, and explore all that Hawaii’s islands have to offer.

Make the Most of This Year’s Vacation Days

People often fantasize about how they will spend their vacation days, especially those that occur during Christmas and the New Year. You may have some lavish plans that you dreamed of but never finalized.

Rather than going ahead with those plans, many individuals and families end up doing something low-key. Perhaps they visit family nearby, host a gathering at home, and spend quality time together. While those activities are fun, sometimes you deserve to treat yourself and those you love.

Make the most of your vacation days this winter and have the time of your life.