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Top 6 Tips For Social Media Design


There is no one-size-fits-all graphic design strategy that’s perfect for everyone. You can target your audience’s response when launching ad campaigns and posting new posts. If one of the posts has received more views and comments than others, it is worth analyzing its visual content and understanding the direction for your future design projects.

Brands face a challenging challenge in the information flow of social networks: attracting consumers’ attention. Most people glance at the post’s visual accompaniment first, and then if the picture has piqued their interest, the content. This is why investing in visual content is so important: good design leads to greater brand recognition and sales.

Here are some simple yet effective tips for creating graphic design for social media. They will help to attract the attention of users, make advertising campaigns and SMM strategies effective and form a unified visual style of the brand.

Tailor these tips to suit your goals and feel free to experiment as you search for your own visual concept.

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1. Stick to the color scheme

Colors should not be chosen at random: they form the brand’s image, express its uniqueness, and, most importantly, help customers experience the intended emotions. As a result, blue can instill confidence in potential clients, while bright yellow and orange hues are linked with joy and brightness. Choose colors that complement your brand’s or project’s objectives.

Colors that are excessively bright or improperly blended, as well as foggy hues, might, on the other hand, have the opposite impact and harm the company’s image. It’s critical to aim for color balance when looking for visual design solutions for social media postings.

2. Pay attention to what’s written

If your image requires a caption, make sure it isn’t crowded with words. A tiny but roomy inscription – one or two lines – is sufficient to grab users’ attention. This will prevent the picture from being too dense.

If your ideas are presented succinctly and clearly (and most importantly – without mistakes), your brand has a competitive advantage: users are more willing to share a beautiful picture with weighted text.

3. Fonts may help you create a brand image

Type, like colors, has a huge influence on how people perceive your brand. A well-chosen typeface may effectively communicate a message to social media users.

Many inexperienced designers make the error of using too many typefaces in a single project. As a result, their work may appear silly and ludicrous. If you don’t want to become a meme, you should choose typefaces with care; there shouldn’t be too many of them. In most situations, 2-3 typefaces will do for all of your social media design initiatives.

4. Make use of contrast

Contrast aids in the perception of material by allowing accents to be placed and the primary point to be highlighted. Contrast may be used in forms in addition to mixing the base color of your photos with the color of the text.

The use of black lettering on a bright or pastel backdrop, or vice versa, is common in graphic design. When creating design solutions, you may play around with contrast and select a non-trivial choice that will catch your audience’s attention.

5. CTA buttons should be added

Beautiful images alone are rarely enough to persuade people to actively connect with your business, no matter how good your design selections are. Add CTA buttons – call-to-action buttons – to remedy this. These buttons may be used in any of your social networking designs. The same principles apply to this image as they do to any other: good contrast and beautiful colors, clear typefaces, and succinct text.

6. Design that represents a company’s core principles

The aesthetic choices you make on social media should represent your brand’s identity. Six to eight taps, according to studies, result in lead generation and revenue. This is why it’s crucial to keep your graphics consistent on social media, and it’s ideal to utilize storytelling to connect your postings.

A corporate branding guide is a must-have document for your brand’s app designer company and social media managers. It might contain suggestions for color schemes, typefaces, filters, and needed file formats. Such direction is required to guarantee that the company’s preferred image is reflected on social media.