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Top 5 Most Expensive Medical Devices

Robot surgical machine

Do you ever look at the medical equipment marketplace and wonder what the
most expensive medical device out there is?

Today, medical devices come in all shapes, sizes and budgets – be it a hand-
held laser or imagine machine, everything’s available in the market. The larger and more sophisticated the device, the more expensive it turns out.

8000+ organizations produce medical equipment like MRIs, particle accelerators, and CAT scans – which are among the most costly medical equipment in the market.

Some people argue that medical technology is among the main spenders of the healthcare industry.

1) Particle Accelerators

A particle accelerator is a device that uses electromagnetic fields to incite
charged particles to extremely high speeds and energies and to capture them
in a nicely-defined beam. It is used for the treatment of cancer and the diagnosis
of many diseases. Critics are doubting that the $100+ million price label for
such a device would be cost-efficient ultimately, as technology keeps driving
toward bringing down the expense of proton therapy for treating cancerous
tumors. Traditional chemotherapy lags behind in terms of doses of radiation
when compared with proton therapy. Which makes it attractive for patients
with some uncommon and hard-to-treat cancer.

2) CAT Scanners

CAT scans are basically X-ray tests that contain cross-sectional images of your
body using a computer and X-rays. They are also called computerized axial

These sophisticated scanning machines look like massive doughnuts and can
cost up to $2.7 million. CT shows slice-like images of human organs, bones,
blood and vessels – up to 150 images every second with some top-caliber
devices. CAT scanners work a lot faster than MRI. And they use radiation, and
you just get in the machine and out in about 5 minutes.

3) Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

The MRI machine uses radio waves and magnetism to create images of your
body. The superconducting magnetic systems in each of the machines
constitute about 1/3 of the whole $2.3 million. “Gold Standard” devices go for
a tad less than 1 million. MRI scans are mainly done for brain, spine, neck,
head and extremity imaging. MRIs can be open or closed for the bigger or
claustrophobic patient. This process requires about 30 minutes on average
without any radiation risks.

4) Robot Surgical Machines

Robot surgical machines can cost about $2.3 million. Being less invading than
typical surgery, robotic surgeons go through smaller risk of damaging organs
and tissues, which results in quicker healing and recovery. Ultimately, cutting
down a hospital stay, which translates into less fees.

5) 3-D Mammography Machines

Mammograms are X-ray tests for breasts and are designed to detect breast
cancer. The new gen mammography screening uses 3D imaging rather than
the general, flat 2D screening. Going by the name ‘tomosynthesis’, the 3D
devices and their software set medical services back nearly $760,000. The US
has purchased only 300 pieces of these machines. Apart from general mammography, the 3D imaging is used to boost the chances of spotting breast cancer, precisely in women who have dense breast tissues.

Last Words

Although some are expensive, these machines always come to our rescue.


  1. It’s interesting to know about this expensive medical equipment such as 3D mammography machines that increases the image quality of scans and enable specialists to find cancer better. I hope the medical facilities in my area could have this equipment whenever I do need them in the future. These endeavors in improving medical technology are really commendable.


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