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Top 20 Cryptocurrencies In 2022 To Invest In


With more than 10K of digital currencies, we can see a wide range of options to choose from for investment. With several popular Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, ETH, XRP and others, we can see many more names in this list to invest in the market. Experienced investors in digital currencies are well aware of the fact about how these coins work. It may help people in the right way. Here we will be dealing with the list of worthy digital currencies, which can prove the right choice for your investment. 

20 Cryptocurrencies worth investing in

1. Bitcoin 

It is one of the most popular and the oldest digital currencies in the digital currency world. It remains a technologically advanced option and continues to lead the show. The market cap of this digital coin is around 600 Billion USD, and it came into existence in 2009 with a cost per transaction of around 15 USD. The return through this coin comes up to around 309 percent. It has emerged as a de-facto digital currency for a majority of investors. It has become the number one coin globally, making it 2/3rd of the entire digital currency market, offering small altcoins. Despite several plus points of this digital currency, it has a few downsides as well. The ledger of Bitcoin remains the oldest one driven by Blockchain. It demands the transaction cost to be around 12 USD to digital gold. However, this prevents this coin from daily currency use. Despite a few downsides, it remains the number one option for investors. 

2. Ethereum (ETH)

The next worthy digital currency to invest in include ETH. It may appear to be a relatively new coin in the market, yet it has gone up to the following ranks with the help of some high-end technology that further helps create intelligent contracts, such as funding structured settlements. The approximate market cap of this coin is around 100 Billion USD, and it first came in 2015 with a cost per transaction of around 10 USD. It gives the return up to 470 percent. It is driven by the technology called Blockchain, while it runs with a series of contracts. Apps like Apple Pay and Google Wallet remain vital systems that help delay the transactions that work on real-world events. For example, some online buyers and sellers can establish trades, which will help pass through the postal service with the help of independent verification. As of now, we have around 600K wallet addresses in use. It has helped many to earn big.

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3. XRP 

The next in this list come to be XRP, which remains a centralized digital currency geared towards gaining higher costs and some interbank transfers. It has ripped in the background, and the market cap is around 13 Billion USD. It came into the market in 2012, and the cost per transaction comes to around a nominal amount. In 2020, the return from this coin will come up with around 16 percent. Therefore, XRP has emerged as the most significant currency in 2021. Ripple Labs is responsible for bringing out XRP in the market. However, it remains a centralized kind of currency, and the mining process takes place in Ripple Labs rather than in any community.

On the contrary, the coin can benefit Visa along with another centralized kinds of payment systems. It helps in negotiating using large banks and executing different trades using control policies. Some critics often ask, why invest in this digital coin when you have so many? The answer is it has better returns and thus has become a popular choice.

4. Stellar (XLM)

It remains the well-placed coin giving the investors low-cost transactions on cross border transactions. The market cap of Stellar is around 5 billion USD, while it first came in 2014. The return in 2020 with XLM was around 189%, which is enormous. 2021 is shaping this coin differently, and they can move along at 200 percent in the first month. It came into the market to give smooth cross border transactions. Stellar is known to fill the gap, but not all could develop the right set of luck. The banks were able to embark upon this coin employing autonomous node verification networks. The same week, we saw governments from Ukraine collaborate with Stellar Development to declare it as a national virtual currency. It gives Stellar the best investment conditions for 2021.

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5. Cardano (ADA)

The next worthy digital coin to invest in includes Cardano, the third-generation digital currency. It comes with loads of potential this year. The market cap of Cardano is around 8 billion USD. It was introduced in 2017, while the cost per transaction is pretty low – 0.07 USD. In 2020, the return was around 441 percent. It can efficiently operate with greater efficiency with the help of using a standard poor of work system. Smart contracts help track the transactions, including bitcoin that are competent to manage the coins like ETH. In other words, it has remained a third generation coin, which further helps in improving it when compared to its predecessors. It took just three years for this currency to hit the 10 Billion USD as its market cap. The low-value transaction goes to around $0.30 per coin, making it a tempting target for punters. Lastly, it can carry out transactions using smart contracts. 

6. Dogecoin (DOGE)

It became popular using internet memes that further converted digital currency. It talks to people about making huge money out of it. The market cap of Doge is around 1 Billion USD. It first came in 2013, and the cost per transaction is pretty low, around 0.03 USD. The return in 2020 for Doge was around 118%. Billy Markus, a software engineer based at IBM, came up with this coin in 2013. It came as a meme joke and later gained fame in just 15 minutes. In 2017, this coin gained popularity with a whopping 85,000% boost. It came on the internet with its new amusement, which subsequently lost 98% of its value. In late 2020, Elon Musk, the Tesla man, tweeted about giving this coin a 200 percent boost. In 2021, the coin was able to gain a considerable height. It helps gain better processing payment options, raising the coin’s popularity to around 1000 percent. 

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7. Polkadot (DOT)

It is among one of the promising third-generation digital currencies to consider. It has a market cap of around 7 Billion USD, and it came in 2017 with a nominal cost per transaction. In 2020 the return was around 205 percent. It was in December last year when Binance invested 10 M USD in this coin. The coin price soon went by 41 percent in just one week, and one can find more gains coming soon. Gavin Wood, the CTO at ETH project, is the man who founded this coin. It can manage to run a parallel in setting up the two. It further helps resolve the issue for BTC in a big way using Blockchain, seeking the help of different miners who are willing to store the value. The coin is known to have several other features like the intelligent contract, security and scalability. Yet investors emerge as the best way to win this battle and emerge as the strong marketing option compared to the large competitor coins.

8. Neo 

It is also known as the Chinese ETH, which appears to shine with the support of the leading party of China, the Chinese Communist Party. It has a market cap of around $1 billion, and it first came in 2016 with a very nominal cost per transaction. It gave around 63 percent of return last year. It has emerged as one of the most significant and earlier ventures in digital currency in the Chinese market. However, later in 2018, the nation came heavily on several digital currency based exchanges. Things changed in 2021 when the digital currency witnessed a massive resurgence since the Chinese regulators turned against the processor. Also, as we see the leading Chinese party thinking about digital currencies, NEO has a better chance to shine again. 

9. Celsius (CEL)

The next worthy coin to invest in digital currency is Celsius, which is known to have a market cap of 1 Billion USD. It first came in 2018, and the cost per transaction is very nominal, with the return in 2020 coming as 3717 percent. Earlier in 2018, this coin was seen coming along with the crowdfunding of 20 M USD to create a digital currency lending platform. The network seemed to have written off 6.2 Billion USD in loans, making the bank a stable currency. Of late, Celsius has emerged as one of the vital coins when we see other coins struggling in the market. Yet, Celsius is known to have some risks as some loans from companies like Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns were able to sink your battleship quickly. Also, this coin can blow off the loans in a much-vetted way. 

10. Nano 

The next worthy crypto to invest in is Nano. The current price of Nano is 4.99 USD, and it has a trading value of $30,856,644. Currently, the circulation of NANO is around 130 Million in the market with a total supply of 133 Million. You can invest in Nano on an exchange called Kraken. It has emerged as a low-latency digital currency developed on a creative data structure that offers good scalability along with no transaction fees. The design of Nano is simple, and the key objective behind the same is the high-performance digital currency. The network used in this digital coin needs limited resources without high power mining hardware, and one may need a high-level transaction. It comes up with the help of a technology called Blockchain in different accounts while reducing the access problem. In terms of security, Nano prevents different kinds of attacks.

11. Tether (USDT)

The next exciting option in digital currency for your investment is Tether, usually denoted by the abbreviation USDT. The current market cap of this coin is around 68 Billion USD. Unlike other virtual currencies, Tether comes in the category of Stablecoin, which comes with the support of a few traditional currencies like USD and Euro. It helps in keeping the value proportionate to the denominations. Theoretically speaking, this means that the value of Tether comes with greater consistency compared to any other digital currency. It makes it a more favorable option for investors who worry about the extreme volatility of different coins.

12. Dash (DASH)

We first heard about this coin in 2014, and it was earlier called Xcoin. Soon it came up with the name DarkCoin, and later in 2015, it got the current name Dash. It came with a design promising the users greater privacy and anonymity. The whitepapers of these coins define Dash as a privacy-based digital currency having a similar working of Bitcoin. However, it differs in many ways from Bitcoin in terms of the different algorithms. In August this year, it emerged in the top 50 digital currency list with a market cap of around 2.6 Billion USD, whereas the value of the coin comes to around 251.68.3 USD. The demand for this digital currency has increased over the years. Dash relies on different systems when it comes to transactions. It also addresses the scalability factor. 

13. TRON 

TRON’s next worthy digital currency, which works on Blockchain technology, helps people use it daily. TRON scores higher points in network capacity as it can handle 2K of TPS. It comes with a definition of being the right decentralized platform, which makes content sharing simple. TRON comes up with a division of six different phases. All these include the simple distribution of film sharing, financial reward creation and driving content. The supply of this coin is around 100 B tokens in the market. Currently, the circulation of this coin goes to around 71.6 billion. TRON secures a consensus kind of system for its security, and it helps create good votes within the consumers. Justin Sun is the man behind founding TRON, among the top entrepreneurs as per Forbes Asia. 

14. Zcash (ZEC)

As per reports, ZCash is also a decent option for crypto investment. The price of ZEC comes up to touch 250 USD by 2021 December, and it can even inflate up to 280 USD. This way, it makes a decent investment option for all. It works on a similar codebase like Bitcoin and thus has several similarities, like having a fixed total supply of around 21M units as seen in the former. Miners often get 80 percent as a block reward, while the remaining 20 percent is offered to the “Zcash development fund” along with other distributions. The current circulation of this coin is recorded as 10,028,406 while you know the limit of this coin. The initial release of ZEC came in 2016, while the recent one came in Feb 2021. 

15. NEM 

The next set of coins popular in the digital currency world is NEM. It works on a blockchain ecosystem with the facilities value transfer available both for individuals and businesses. NEM works on the ideas of solidarity, decentralization and economic freedom. It is known to have a simple transfer of virtual assets, including files, contracts and tokens. It uses the technology of Blockchain that further helps in sharing the data using a single internal enterprise network to the next one making things work. XEM token is known to empower the network, while most users can profit from this digital coin with the help of getting the right set of rewards for block validation. Using the internal Blockchain helps in sending out the data using the internal enterprise network. The current market cap for NEM is 1,393,013,003 USD. 

16. Binance Coin (BNB)

The next worthy digital currency to invest in include Binance Coin, often known as BNC. It comes from the Binance exchange along with other trades using the BNB symbol. Since June, BNB has emerged as the largest cryptocurrency exchange that supports not less than 1.4 million transactions per second. Around BNB million tokens come along with ICO with a lower current total supply. It uses the revenues to burn the coins. The coin has often come with the burning events, and the latest came in April 2021, coming up with a total figure of 1,099,888. The coin comes under the Binance exchange with a minimal amount of transaction and trading fees.

17. Bitcoin SV

The following digital coin worth investing in is Bitcoin SV. We first heard about this initial coin in 2017, and now it offers too many features. However, the coin is technically competent and can easily reach the tokenized solution. The current market cap of Bitcoin SV is around 2,957,708,129. It is available on different exchange platforms and even is listed over the crypto exchange page as well. The popularity of this coin came in 2018 coming from the BTC blockchain. The objective of this coin is to suffice Bitcoin’s original vision and protocol, as Satoshi has described in his white paper to his early clients. This coin is known to have better stability and scalability than the original Bitcoin promises.

18. EOS Coin 

The next worthy digital coin to invest in is EOS Coin. It is primarily a native token of EOSIO Network, a blockchain technology that works along with the decentralized operating system. Practically speaking, this adds up offering you a blockchain developer in connection with the right set of tools and services that offer to scale different decentralized applications. The current market cap of EOS Coin is around 4,048,961,798 USD. This coin works on blockchain protocol working on the EOS digital currency. Moreover, it comes with minimal transaction fees and is competent enough to carry out millions of transactions every second. All these factors make EOS Coin a worthy choice to invest in this current market. 

19. VeChain 

It is a Blockchain-based platform that came as an enhancement for supply chain management and other business procedures. The objective of this platform is to make things simple for the complex supply chain systems using DLT. It has two different tokens called VeChain Token (VET) and VeChainThor Energy (VTHO). The price of this VeChain token is 0.126 USD. The current market cap is around 8,137,904,702 USD, while the supply restricts to 64,315,576,989 VET coins, and the maximum comes up to around 86,712,634,466 VET coins of supply. It is found mainly on all the popular digital currency exchanges. It comes 100 percent risk-free with 100K USD in digital cash. 

20. Dai 

The next worthy digital currency worth investing in is Dai. Earlier it was known as Sai, and it comes in the category of a stablecoin digital currency. It has the objective to store the value that comes close to the USD using an automated system working on ETH Blockchain. Unfortunately, it has come up with a roller coaster ride in the digital currency market. Earlier in 2020, the extreme volatility found in the market due to the sudden outbreak of the Pandemic, this currency witnessed a deflation. It reached its peak, giving away the trade of 1.11 USD before it returned with the valuation of 1.00 USD. Yet, it remains a decent option to invest when you are looking for crypto to invest. 

Wrapping up 

Of late, digital currencies have become a popular choice for investors all across the globe to earn good returns. Thanks to the number of features attached to it that traditional money does not offer. The above are some of the famous top 20 digital currencies to invest in the current market. If you are looking for options in digital coins, the above list can serve you a decent amount of options. Get the right one with intelligent and unique strategies, and you never know you can gain huge out of your investment. Good Luck!

This article originally appeared on The Financially Independent Millennial and was republished with permission by SouthFloridaReporter.com on Dec. 8, 2021


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