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Top 10 AI Consulting & Development Companies 2020


Artificial intelligence technology has reached the point where it’s less of a trend than a business necessity across virtually every business.

In the next four years, it is expected that AI’s industry growth will start to explode and its impact on business and society will begin to emerge.

Revenues from the artificial intelligence (AI) software market worldwide from 2018 to 2025.

Businesses looking for an effective AI development partner often face difficulties connected with an oversaturated market and a multitude of vendors offering similar services as choosing the right service provider you should consider many factors, starting from the location of the company, it’s size, rates, technologies they use, their expertise, and so on.

Platforms like Clutch.co provide up-to-date and reliable reviews on the best artificial intelligence companies from all over the world to help businesses owners find a reliable partner for an AI project.

The companies mentioned below are at the forefront of digital transformation. And some of them provide best-in-class AI solutions, products, and consulting services that will unleash even more innovations in the years to come.

So, let’s get started!

1. Master of Code Global

AI-Powered Conversational Solutions

Master of Code offers full-scale design and development of integrated web, mobile and chatbot solutions as well as delivers its own out of the box products.

The company partners with the world’s leading companies to design and develop conversational experiences across mobile, web and chatbots.

Founded in 2004, they spent a decade building a team that prides itself in creating value for companies all around the world by delivering the highest quality products and customer services.

Services: Chatbots and AI-Powered Conversational Solutions, Mobile Development, Web App Development, Graphic Design, Business Process Automation.

Industries: Sport, Telecom, Travel, Banking & Insurance, Retail, Healthcare, Media & Entertainment, Energy, Beauty.

Employees: 50 – 200

Rate/h: $50 — $99 / hr

Established: 2004


2. InData Labs

Your Data Science & AI Business Partner

InData Labs is a data science firm and AI-powered solutions provider with its own R&D center and 50+ specialists.

With a mission to bring the power of AI to every business, InData Labs helps companies of different sizes create intelligent products and services and enable AI-driven business processes.

Combining proprietary technologies with a deep understanding of business needs, they always strive to ensure that the services they deliver not only work but also help their clients make better business decisions and be one step ahead of their competitors.

Services: Data Science and AI Software Development, AI Mobile Apps Development Services, AI Research & Development, AI Staff Augmentation, Computer Vision, Text Analysis, Machine Learning, Intelligent Automation, Data Capture & OCR.

Industries: Marketing & Advertising, Healthcare, Media & Entertainment, Retail & E-commerce, Banking & Finance, Transportation, E-learning, Legal.

Employees: 11 – 50

Rate/h: $50 — $99 / hr

Established: 2014


3. MobiDev

Mobile&Web. Machine learning. IoT. AR.

MobiDev is a software development company that creates complex business-driven solutions, with a focus on innovation and transparency of actions. They’ve completed over 320 projects for clients from 20+ countries around the globe, including several long­-term Enterprise clients from the USA and Europe.

Services: Web Development, Mobile Development (iOS/Android and cross-platform), Augmented Reality, IoT & Hardware Integration, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science & Machine Learning, Microservices & Cloud Infrastructure.

Industries: Information Technologies, Healthcare, Retail.

Employees: 250 – 1000

Rate/h: $25 — $49 / hr

Established: 2009


4. ThirdEye Data

Building Real-world AI Solutions at Big Data Scale

ThirdEye Data is a Silicon Valley-based one-stop-shop for Data sciences, analytics, and Engineering services.

The company leverages Artificial intelligence, Machine learning & Big data technologies to build higher value technical solutions for customers worldwide. Their experience helps businesses transform data and information into strategic insights.

They will answer your data questions and offer actionable insights, real-world experiences and strategic recommendations.

Services: Data Science, Data Analytics, Data Engineering, Artificial Intelligence Solutions Development, Machine Learning, Chatbots for Business Development

Industries: Information Technology, Retail, Advertising & Marketing, Financial Services, Healthcare, Telecommunications, Automotive.

Employees: 50 – 200

Rate/h: $50 — $99 / hr

Established: 2010


5. PixelPlex

Blockchain, AI, Big Data, IoT, Web, Mobile, AR/VR

PixelPlex is an award-winning software development company with offices across the globe and over 100 carefully vetted specialists on hand.
Founded in 2007, PixelPlex has delivered over 300 projects in Blockchain, AR/VR, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Mobile, Game and Custom Software Development.

The company combines backgrounds in blockchain, artificial intelligence, big data, IoT, cybersecurity, and cloud development with cutting-edge web and mobile technologies to create groundbreaking solutions that are used by millions of people around the world.

Services: Blockchain Development, AI Development, VR/AR Development, IoT Software Development, Game Development, Web Development, Mobile Development, UI/UX Design

Industries: FinTech, Government, Energy & Utilities, Healthcare, Media & Advertising, Real Estate, Education, Retail and E-commerce, Telecom.

Employees: 250 – 1000

Rate/h: $25 — $49 / hr

Established: 2007


6. Neoteric

AI & custom software development solutions

Neoteric is a software house that helps entrepreneurs innovate with software.

Since 2005 they help startups and enterprises build successful software ventures providing end-to-end product development services, team extensions, and implementing AI.

The solutions they develop help companies gain a better understanding of their customers, reduce and prevent churn, benefit from dynamic pricing, and discover best learning opportunities for their employees.

Services: Web App Development, SaaS Development, Product Design, AI-driven Solutions Development, Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

Industries: Telecom, Banking & Finance, Media & Entertainment, HR & Recruitment, E-commerce, Transportation, Healthcare, Education.

Employees: 50 – 200

Rate/h: $50 — $99 / hr

Established: 2005


7. Studio

Experts in Chatbots and RPA | Visa Partner

Chatbots.Studio is the leading conversation design and UiPath company.

They help their clients to leverage technology to drive efficiencies and become the first in their niche by automating their business and building new communication channels in messenger.

The company has strong expertise in Building multichannel Conversational Platforms, AI Chatbot development, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Business Process Automation. Their bots are used across industries and serve many roles.

Services: AI Chatbot Development, Business Process Automation, Conservation Design.

Industries: Media, Travel & Hospitality, Telecommunications, Banking & Finance, Insurance, Retail, Healthcare, Utilities, Logistics.

Employees: 11 – 50

Rate/h: $25 — $49 / hr

Established: 2016


8. Develandoo

Power Humanity with AI

Develandoo is a world-class AI company with core competency in deep-learning and computer vision. They provide full-stack solutions to their customers and have achieved leading positions in smart city and retail industries. As an AI software development partner, they will help you to build breakthrough products, and they will also provide key consulting and advisory services.

Develandoo has also incubated two in-house startups which are leading the markets in their areas of expertise.

Services: Artificial intelligence, BI & Big data consulting, Cloud consulting

Industries: Financial, Marketing, Retail, Security, Cybersecurity, Banking & Finance, Automotive, Healthcare.

Employees: 50 – 200

Rate/h: $25 — $49 / hr

Established: 2014


9. Azilen Technologies

Your Product Development Partner

Azilen Technologies is a global Product Engineering company headquartered in India, and with footprints across the USA and Europe. It makes our list of top AI consulting and development companies as an established enterprise.

Founded in 2009, Azilen has been helping businesses drive growth and maximize ROI by being their Product Development Partner.

The company has developed 150+ unique solutions so far to empower Startups, SMEs & Large Scale Enterprise leveraging trending technologies.

Services: Product engineering, Digital Enterprise, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Big Data Analytics, HR-Tech.

Industries: Retail, Finance, HR & Recruitment, Hospitality, Automotive, Marketing, Event Management, Education, Media & Entertainment.

Employees: 50 – 200

Rate/h: $25 — $49 / hr

Established: 2009


10. BotsCrew

We create successful chatbots.

BotsCrew designs and develops custom AI chatbots to help startups and enterprises bring stellar customer experience to their markets. They are considered as one of the best AI companies engaged in the field of chatbots development.

Founded in 2016, BotsCrew is the global leader in Chatbots Development with offices located in London, England; Adelaide, Australia; and Lviv, Ukraine.

Their well-trained AI chatbots ensure 24/7 customer support, workplace routine automation and high user engagement in many industries.

 Services: Chatbots development, Voice assistant development, IoT bot development, Chatbots Add-ons services

Industries: Law, Healthcare, E-commerce, Customer Service, Real Estate, Travel.

Employees: 11 – 50

Rate/h: $25 — $49 / hr

Established: 2016

Remember that AI companies are different. The best way to choose your perfect partner is not to pay attention to the companies, which are the biggest of which are the most famous, but to pay attention to those who have expertise in your field and implemented numerous projects related to your problem.

Contact us for a free consultation from our AI, computer vision, and machine learning specialists to choose the right and reliable AI development company for your project.



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