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Tools Marketers Should Take Advantage on Instagram

Instagram has 1 billion monthly active users that keep posting and checking their stuff. Brands and marketers have noticed a big opportunity that Instagram provides to enhance their business. According to the latest research, over 80% of accounts on Instagram follow the businesses they like.

More than 200 million users check business accounts daily. Many brands are using Instagram marketing tools effectively to grow their business and increase their sales. Instagram can be a great marketing asset for marketers if they know how to use Instagram marketing tools effectively for their business. They can easily attract new customers, build the trust of existing customers, show promotions, discounts, and other marketing tactics.


It’s a paid tool starting from a free trial. Later on, for 1000 hashtag suggestions, you can use it with $49/year. It helps the user to find the right hashtag to get their images discovered easily. When a user right-clicks on any image or text, he/she gets a suggestion of hashtags based on their engagement and strength. It offers different colors based on the strength of certain hashtags.

  • GREEN =Highly recommended, use this hashtag to get seen now.
  • BLUE = Recommended, use this hashtag to get seen over time.
  • RED = Not recommended, a hashtag will disappear.
  • GRAY = Not recommended, very few followers.

It can be used on mobile (Androidor iOS) and desktop, as well.

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One of the biggest problems of Instagram users is that Instagram does not allow scheduled posts to post later. Unlike Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, you can’t just schedule a post or go live later. It means that many people think they have to publish all their posts manually. Grum is the only popular tool that allows you to schedule posts to go out automatically without manually having to press the “publish” button. It is a paid tool for $9.95/month for 1-2 Instagram accounts, including a 3-day free trial.


It is used for the organic growth of any Instagram account. This tool helps you to find out which popular accounts already reaching your target audience. You can follow their followers, so they follow you back. Some of the users will follow you back. In this way, you can reach thousands of customers that are your targeted audience. Instagrowth saves your time by doing follow/unfollow for you. It also strategically comments on people’s profiles that are your targeted audience. It automatically works for you, and you do not need to make comments or follow/unfollow targeted accounts. All the followers, likes, and comments are organic. It is a paid software with a package starting from $49 and a free trial of 4 days.


It helps you to find out at what time of the day most of the users are active. Involving users in your posts can boost your account. It also suggests hashtags to you that do best for you. After 14 days of a free trial, you have to pay $29-$59 per month. Marketers are always concerned with their customers, but they do not know at what time they are active or which hashtags hit them most. Iconosquare gives them a complete analysis of user engagement and their concerned hashtags. It’s a premium tool that also gives you competitor analysis and a complete strategy to compete with them.


When a marketer posts an image on Instagram, he/she has to design text and edit images to attract customers. It takes a lot of time to design text to make an image more attractive. Wordswag enables the user to design text beautifully and to add their logos. Users can also add quotes, jokes, and thought relevant to their content. It adds attraction to content and pulls customer’s attention. Followers usually like to watch versatile and different content. Wordswag can do it for marketers at $5.


Every marketer needs an analysis tool to check his/her daily follower’s growth to make a strategy. Socialblade is just like a report card to track your progress. It also gives you information about the competitor’s content in the form of a table. Users can check daily and a monthly average of followers. Unlike other tools, it is free and can be used with any Instagram account.

If you are thinking of using Instagram as a marketing platform, you can easily make it because you have such a big market to grow. You can use the hashtag generator to get the best hashtags.