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Today Is National Sewing Machine Day! Do You Own One?

National Sewing Machine Day
National Sewing Machine Day

Long ago, when mankind first started working with fibers to produce clothing, things were long and arduous. Fiber had to be laboriously broken down and spun into yarn and thread, and then thread woven into cloth. That cloth would then be cut and stitched together using a needle and thread, with someone laborious picking out every stitch by hand. Then something amazing happened, the Sewing Machine was invented, and with it the process of making clothing grew ever more efficient. Sewing Machine Day celebrates the invention of this amazing device.

History of Sewing Machine Day

In 1755 there was a man who saw a need, and decided that he would be the one to fill that need with a miraculous device that took all the labor out of hand sewing. Charles Frederick Wiesenthal created the idea of a double pointed needle with an eye at an end, but it wasn’t until 1790 that the true revolution in sewing was conceived of by Thomas Saint, but alas, it failed to be properly introduced to the world, no sign of a working version of his invention still exists.

So the tale goes on until 1829, when Barthélemy Thimonnier invented and patented an amazing machine that would go on to revolutionize the textile industry. From that point forward the development of the sewing machine has only gotten better, with high power surgers and programmable embroidery machines coming along to fill every possible niche in the sewing world.

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Sewing Machine Day celebrates the creation of this device, and all the men and women who have worked diligently over the years to produce the next best sewing machine. These wonderful people are directly responsible for the ease with which clothing is obtainable today, and how easily someone can pick up the age old art of sewing.

How to Celebrate Sewing Machine Day

Well first, if you’re an experienced seamstress or tailor, take some time to work with a piece of cloth without the benefit of a sewing machine. This may seem like a strange way to celebrate a device that made this method unnecessary, but by the time you’re finished, you’ll understand without question how important the sewing machine is in your daily life. Alternately, if you’ve never sewn a stitch in your life, now is the time to finally pick up a trade that will be useful to you your whole life. Beg, borrow, buy, or rent a sewing machine and start putting needle to thread. Who knows, you may have found your new passion in life!