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Tired At Work? Join The Nap Club (Video)

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New York is now home to Nap York, a napping club where exhausted workers can shell out $10 for a 30-minute nap in midtown Manhattan. Buzz60’s Sean Dowling has more.

The city itself may never sleep, but its inhabitants are getting drowsy.

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A 24-hour “club” for napping recently opened in midtown New York.

At Nap York, in addition to napping, patrons can visit the cafe, the yoga studio, or the lounge (for working, not sleeping). A 30-minute stay in a nap pod runs $10 — and you can book the pod for as long as you’d like.

Time Out New York reports that Nap York is filled with greenery and soft lighting to create an atmosphere of extreme tranquility.

Stacy Veloric, Nap York’s director of marketing, told Business Insider that since Nap York opened in February, 1,000 people have visited. The majority of nappers are local employees, she said, but they also attract commuters whose buses and trains are delayed (Nap York is near two transit hubs: Penn Station and Port Authority).

If you’d feel guilty about ducking out of work for an hour to catch up on sleep, we get it. As psychologist Ron Friedman previously told Business Insider, the American workplace isn’t exactly pro-napping.

“Particularly in American culture, we like to believe that productivity is a function of effort, and that if we work hard we’ll produce.”

But, he added, “The reality is that we have a biological need for rest no different or less important than our need for food or water.”

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