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Tips So You Don’t Forget Your Keys

One of the main reasons why a key specialist or emergency locksmith is called, apart from the breaking of locks, is forgetting the keys inside the house by the owners.

In our fast-paced and active society along with the distractions that our children and partners can cause us, it is usual to forget our keys.

Establish a routine: One of the most common methods is to establish a routine for the keys. When we enter the house, always leave them in the same place and that, when we go out again, we go through it or take it.

Get a key holder: If there is something that is essential to not forget the keys, it is to have a place of reference. The key holders are very decorative, they look great and can be placed right next to or on the door. In addition to being used to hang keys, many come with small shelves on which to put decorative elements such as flower pots, or books. Key holders can be practical while maintaining a modern style to avoid oversights.

Bulletin board: Another infallible system against the fact of forgetting the keys are the bulletin boards. Every day this is more common to see in homes. On the door itself or on its side, as in a wooden box, a blackboard is placed.

Bluetooth keychains: If there is something that we never forget, it is our mobile phone. Thanks to smartphones, a world of possibilities opens up when it comes to finding our keys if they get lost at home or we don’t know where we have left them. Key fobs with Bluetooth connectivity we make sure that we do not forget them.

Be orderly: It may seem silly, but the more orderly the person is, the more difficult it is for them to forget things. That is why it is recommended to slowly increase the level of order that we have in our room and in our house so that we are able to remember everything and have access to everything we need immediately.

In addition, it is important that we are the ones who order things, in this way neural connections are established that on another day will facilitate the memory of where everything is. Nobody wants to have to call a locksmith. That is why we try to prevent these types of situations. Before a locksmith, the best is memory. Do not hesitate…you will not regret it.


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