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Tips In Taking The Best Bodybuilding Supplements


You’re already putting the effort and the hard work in, working out daily, and staying consistent with your regime and eating habits. Here are tips on the “hows” of taking bodybuilding supplements, in order for you to make the most out of them.

When And How To Take Bodybuilding Supplements


Most bodybuilders and weightlifters start their routines with creatine. The ever-famous organic compound known for its muscle mass and strength increasing features. Since you want to bulk up your physique, here’s where you should begin. 

For your pre-workout, 4 to 5 grams of this will do. And the same measurements are to be followed post-workout. Plus, always remember to have a 30 to 40-minute buffer in between ingesting creatine and initiating your exercise schedule. 

You’ll need your full strength for the full length of your workout. But why the need for this, post-workout? Because your muscles are going to need to recover. Intense physical activities will, naturally, exhaust them, and wear them down. So, to restore them back to vigor, creatine’s unrivaled. 

Whey Protein 

Here’s one of the two types of proteins that are excellent workout essentials. Whey protein is another staple in the bodybuilding game. If your schedule is just too packed to fit even a simple meal prep, then whey protein is a great fill-in in that regard. 

It can be easily prepared, and just as easily broken down and digested by your body. As a result, you’ll quickly feel its effects soon after you have it. This lean muscle mass comrade is what you’ll want your hands on for that toned look, and muscle power on top of that. 

As soon as you get up from bed in the a.m., have a whey protein shake (20 grams) immediately. In this manner, you’ll be filled with amino acids on the post. Then, have another 20-gram pre-workout half an hour before you exercise, to continue that stream of proteins and feed your muscles. Finally, 40 grams is what’s recommended you have as a post-workout mix.

And in case you have a tough time choosing which shop to get your supplements from, you can buy bodybuilding supplements and powders at Huge Supplements. Plus, you’ll see more information about which ones are ideal for your lifestyle, your workout intensity, and your body composition. 

Casein Protein 

Here’s part 2 of what we’ve mentioned beforehand. The second type of protein— casein. If its brother, whey protein, offers quick digestion, casein’s the opposite. However, because of this, its impact stays on longer and extends all the way until you are to take your post-workout ration. 

Instead of having this as a pre-workout, let it be a part of your night time meal plan. 20 grams of it will do in the mid-evening. Since, again, it digests slowly, it will only really be able to give you its full blast of muscle force and recovery after a number of hours. Afterward, the next batch of another 20 grams of it, you can have for your post-workout. 


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