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Tips For Your First Kayak Fishing Experience

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Kayak Fishing (Image: GloboSurfer)

Every fisherman knows that one of the best parts of the sport is the long hours spent in the water relaxing. Fishing is more of a lifestyle than a simple sport. While many people mistakenly think it is about the size of fish you catch, it has far more to do with the whole experience. There are many different types of fishing including deep sea fishing, fly fishing and relaxing lake fishing. Recently, may fisherman have turned to their kayaks to take them out onto the water for a day of fishing.

Why Use A Kayak To Fish?

There are many reasons to use a kayak for fishing. Anyone who’s ever been kayaking knows that they can get you places larger boats can’t. You don’t have to worry about the propeller on a boat’s engine getting stuck in the weeds or being damaged by unforeseen rocks. A kayak sits higher on the water allowing you to enter water that’s only a couple feet deep. This may sound unimportant, but this may be where the fish are hiding.

Kayaks are also great because they don’t need an engine to move them through the water. Even electric engines create vibrations through the water that can scare away fish. This is something you want to avoid when fishing. Kayaks are powered by paddles or by pedal systems that create nearly zero noise or vibrations in the water. This way you won’t scare the fish.

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This makes trolling an excellent way to snag a fish. It involves dragging your line behind you at a slow speed. This way the fish will see the bait and be able to swim up to it and eat it. The key is to paddle as slow as the fish. This allows them to be able to get to the food.

What To Bring With You

When you head out for a day on the lake with your kayak you will need to pack along some gear with you. While you will obviously need to bring all of your required fishing gear, it is wise to pack more gear than simply this. For starters, you will want to bring along some safety gear. This includes a first aid kit as well as a change of dry clothes. With this type of boat, there is a chance that you will get wet. Having a change of clothes with you packed in a dry bag is important.

As fishing requires a significant time dedication you will need to pack along some protective gear. Sunscreen, a hat, an umbrella and lot’s of water is important. You will also want to consider where you will put your catch while on the lake. Typically, you can use one of your boats internal compartments for this. Simply line your front compartment with a plastic bag to hold your fish and you will be good.

Where To Fish With Your Kayak

Many people may feel that their fishing trip will become restricted when using a kayak. This turns out to be wildly untrue. While this boat may be small, you will be surprised at its versatility. Due to the small size of kayaks, you will be able to bring your boat with you to even more remote locations. When using an inflatable kayak your opportunities for use open up even more.

Kayaks come in different sizes and styles to suit different types of water. While the most common is a simple lake kayak there are also river and ocean kayaks that are better equipped to handle a current. The type of waters you are looking to enter will determine the type of boat you should get for your next fishing trip.

How To Fish In A Kayak

Fishing in a kayak isn’t as difficult as it sounds. You should have rod holders so that you can store them without having them fall into the water. This will free up your hands so you can get to the best spot possible. When you’re there you will want to take your rod and get in a comfortable position. Your feet should be spread out as they will be used to stabilize your boat and body when you’re throwing your cast. Some specialty fishing kayaks have been designed with increased stability to make fishing even easier.