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Tips for Choosing the Perfect Watch

You have been invited for a formal event, and you want to look presentable in the eyes of the host and guests. That’s why you bought a new suit with matching pants, complete with the right color of the tie. But how about the watch?

There are a few things to consider when choosing a watch for a particular event. These factors include the kind of event you are going, the color of your suit, the kind of strap you should choose, and many more. Apart from these, we’ve rounded up some things that you should know before choosing the perfect watch that would fit  your style.

Types of Watches

There are many things to consider when choosing the right watch. Matching the formality of your watch with your outfit can be pretty daunting if you don’t know what you are doing. In order for you to pick the right watch for your outfit, know the different types of watches, and how their different attributes can complement each dress code.

Watches can be categorized into two: analog and digital. The digital ones are typically installed with LED or LCD for its main body. This type of watch is often used for casual, exercising, or sporting events.

Among the analog category of watches, there are five primary types:


Field watches are originally made to be worn during wars. As such, field watches are tough enough to last during battle. Traditionally, a field watch is ruggedly made with stainless steel. The time can be easily read in low light, too, as it has a contrasting dial and face in terms of color.

For its straps, they are usually made of leather or canvas, which can be easily replaced when damaged. Nowadays, they are mostly worn when the wearer will engage in physical activity like sports or exercise.


Pilot watches are field watches that are repurposed to be worn by pilots. Both have the same contrast in the dials and face, which makes it easier to keep the time. Throughout the years, the military has invented some specific features for aviation use.


There are two things that racing watches feature: a chronograph and tachymeter. A chronograph is used as a stopwatch and has separate buttons. The tachymeter, on the other hand, is used to calculate the distance and time.


Dive watches are specifically made to tell divers how long should they stay underwater. Because of this, dive watches should withstand pressures of water. The case and strap should be resistant to corrosion, so it is made with either silicone, stainless steel, or titanium.


Dress watches are famous for one thing—simplicity. Most people wear it because it could complement well with every formal attire.  A dress watch is made with a metallic (gold or silver), and some of them don’t have a short dial. They are typically for fashion, rather than considered timepieces.

After knowing the different types of analog watches, learning what watch goes with each dress code is next. If you are looking to find where you can buy your choice of watch, visit https://www.thewatchcompany.com/. Here, you can find watches that could fit with any kind of outfit that you wear for any occasion.

Black/ White Tie

When you are invited to a formal event that requires you to wear a black or white suit, always remember one thing—simplicity. Traditionally, wearing a watch is considered rude during these kinds of occasions.

You should focus on the occasion, so continually looking at your watch is a big no. But if you are insistent on wearing one, consider a simple black-faced watch with dark straps. It should blend well with your outfit.

Business Wear

For business wear, you can go a little extravagant with the choice of your watch. After all, all of the other guests are businessmen. For this, you can choose a metallic watch, either gold or silver is fine. You could also choose a classic dark-faced watch, too. A diver’s watch or a classic dress watch would do the trick.

Sharp Casual Wear

A casual event is usually filled with guests wearing dark jeans, dress boots, or shirts. For this, you could choose a watch that has a metal band. Metal bands for a dress watch are considered the go-to watch for any casual events. You could also choose a digital watch for this kind of event too.