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Tips For Brightening Faded Area Rugs And Carpets


Prolonged exposure to bright and direct sunlight, along with improper vacuuming and washing techniques, dirt build-up, and natural wear and tear caused by foot traffic can all cause carpets to lose their original charm, colors, sheen, and overall beauty. A carpet that has lost its color is prone to start looking dull and this is about the time when most people decide to invest in new rugs.

However, carpeting is a costly investment that should be protected for as many years as possible. Luckily, there are several solutions that could help you restore faded carpeting from the comfort of your home, whether they refer to hiring the nearest Turkish rug cleaning service or using a number of tricks and tips you can find below.

For stubborn and old stains that you cannot tackle on your own, hire an expert carpet cleaner who can assist you with advanced stain removal products and fabric brightening solutions.


Start by vacuuming your rug at least a couple of times to ensure there are no traces of dirt, dust, or debris left behind. Do the vacuuming as slowly and avoid fast sweeping strokes. If you own a small carpet or area rug that you would like to brighten, you could also rely on a rug beater or a wooden spoon to make sure all the dust is taken out.

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Keep in mind that vacuuming using the wrong direction, vacuum accessories, suction power, or technique could all result in your carpets looking dull and faded. On the other hand, a quality vacuum cleaner used in all directions when sweeping could make a huge difference in the aesthetics and vibrancy of any rug. Be patient and remember to always switch the sweeping direction for best results.

Look for faded or stained patches

Next, carefully inspect your carpet and search for any dull patches on the surface. At times, the color in a carpet will start fading unevenly, which means you will need to focus on fixing all the affected patches to obtain the look of a brand new carpet once again. An experienced cleaner like the Agara Rug Cleaning Company can save you precious time on carpet inspection.

Prepare the cleaning mix

Now, for the “magical concoction” that you will need to spread over these dull areas: mix equal amounts (a quarter of a cup should suffice) of white vinegar, salt, and Borax. Stir it until you get a nice paste with a consistency similar to moderately cooked oatmeal.

The next step is to start spreading this paste over the stained and faded areas on the rug with the help of a spatula or a knife and let it sit for up to 3 hours. This will allow the chemicals inside it to accurately break apart all the stains. Let the paste dry on its own, then have it removed with a clean cloth and warm water. With a delicate scrubbing motion dispersed in all directions, remove the paste.

Let it dry

Dry the rug for as long as necessary, usually anywhere between 3 to 24 hours, using natural air drying, fans, or heaters for larger carpets.

Mix #2 For Brighter Carpets

Measure one cup of white vinegar and mix it with three cups of hot water and half a cup of salt. With the help of a damp sponge, apply this paste all over the carpet, then let it lay on a flat and solid surface. Make sure to avoid getting the paste on the backing and stick to the fibers only. Wipe the solution using a dampened sponge and dry the carpet using a fan or air dry it.

No matter which of these methods you might choose, you can expect satisfying results every time.