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Tips For Being A Better Golfing Buddy – Opinion


Beginner golfers are often guilty of disrupting the pace of the game on the golf course. At one point or another, everyone has been guilty of slow play. Mostly it’s caused by a lack of knowledge rather than the ill will of the newbie.

Always arrive early

It is generally a smart idea to get to the golf course 20-30 minutes earlier than the beginning of your tee time. There are always things you have to take care of before the round of golf. You may have to buy tees, apply sunscreen, or grab a snack before you start playing. Be aware of these small tasks and make sure you’re there and prepared when your tee time starts. Being late, even by 5 minutes, is frowned upon because you are making everyone else wait for you.

Sharing a golf cart

Your company on the golf course will love you if you know how to do this well. Proper golf cart logistics can solve the problem of slow-play almost entirely. Even if you are not driving, there are things you can do to prevent any delays in your game. For example, if you are being dropped off near your ball, always have back-up golf club options that you can choose from. Otherwise, you either have to delay the game or hit with the golf club that you’re not comfortable with.

Know when it’s your turn

A lot of beginners often forget to keep track of whose turn it is to hit the ball. If you’re in line to hit the ball, don’t wait for someone else to tell you that it’s your turn. You should know when you’re supposed to hit.

Usually, this happens because players are distracted by a call or something else on the phone. Which brings us to the next point…

Turn off the phone

Some golfers are constantly on their phones, which is okay if it’s an emergency, but if it happens all the time, it’s not a good sight. Sometimes your ringtone can make you or your golf buddy lose focus, which is unacceptable. I would recommend just turning the phone off and leaving it behind. Doing this will benefit you as well because golf is supposed to be a relaxing escape from everyday problems.  

Don’t talk too much

Nobody likes a player who’s talking and distracting them from the game. Casual chatting is more than welcome, but constantly asking your peers for advice on how to improve your golfing skills is usually annoying. On top of that, if you apologize for the way you play all the time, playing with you won’t be much fun. Be confident, if you are having a bad day, just accept it and don’t dramatize it. More likely than not, your peers won’t remember that you screwed up a couple of shots.

Truth is, everyone is focused on their own game and doesn’t have the time or perspective to offer you in-depth analysis regarding your shots. You’ll get much better results by going to a golf instructor whose sole aim will be to help you overcome your deficiencies. Take golf lessons for a month or two and you should improve dramatically.

You should also make sure that golf clubs you use are relevant to your needs. If you are older, you can check out GolfClubsGuru’s guide to find the best seniors’ golf clubs.

When going to the golf course, your aim should be to enjoy yourself and let those around you have fun as well.

Irakli Tchigladze

Irakli Tchigladze is a golf enthusiast and blogger. He is passionate about all topics that relate to golf and has been consistently writing blogs about this sport since 2015