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Thieves Stole A Shark From An Aquarium, Disguised As A Baby (Video)

"Ms Helen" (Image: San Antonio Aquarium)

A group of thieves in Texas stole a shark from the San Antonio Aquarium, wrapped it in a wet blanket and smuggled it out disguised as a baby in a stroller.

Three people were filmed by surveillance cameras taking a female horn shark named Ms Helen out of her tank, then leaving.

Horn sharks are a small breed that rarely grow longer than 3ft. Ms Helen is only 16 inches long.

A video of the theft was posted by the aquarium. You can see a man lift the shark out of its tank on the right side of the footage 40 seconds into the clip:

A member of staff tried to confront the group but was unable to stop them taking the shark.

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The aquarium wrote on Facebook that they had immediately noticed the theft but were unable to stop the suspects. It said:

“Called the police. Followed them to the car and everything… can’t exactly force them to give it back, the police had to do that.”

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Video by San Antonio Aquarium via Facebook[/vc_message]