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There Are 7 Billion Chocolate Chip Cookies Eaten In The United States Every Year, About 50% Of Those Are Homemade Cookies.

On August 4th, National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day gives us an opportunity to dunk American’s #1 favorite cookie. Whether yours are homemade or store-bought, pour a glass of milk and enjoy.

  • Chocolate chips are a required ingredient in chocolate chip cookies, which were invented in 1933 when Ruth Graves Wakefield of the Toll House Inn in the town of Whitman, Massachusetts added cut-up chunks of a semi-sweet Nestlé chocolate bar to a cookie recipe.
  • The cookies were a huge success, and Wakefield reached an agreement with Nestlé to add her recipe to the chocolate bar’s packaging in exchange for a lifetime supply of chocolate.
  • The 1938 edition of the Toll House Tried and True Recipes cookbook was the first to include the recipe for the chocolate chip cookie, which rapidly became a favorite in American households.
  • When Ruth’s Chocolate Crunch Cookie recipe was featured on an episode of The Betty Crocker Cooking School of the Air radio program, the popularity of the humble chocolate chip cookie exploded and the cookie soon became a favorite all across America.
  • The first chocolate chip cookie was the size of a quarter. It was super crispy and could be devoured in just one bite.
  • Initially, Nestlé included a small chopping tool with the chocolate bars, but in 1939 they started selling the chocolate in chip (or “morsel”) form.
  • The Nestlé brand Toll House cookies are named for the inn.
  • Originally, chocolate chips were made of semi-sweet chocolate, but today there are many flavors.
  • Today, chocolate chips are very popular as a baking ingredient in the United States and the chocolate chip cookie is regarded as a quintessential American dessert.
  • Chocolate chips are also available in Europe, Australia, and other parts of the world. Nestlé and The Hershey Company are among the top producers of chocolate chips.
  • In 1987 Chester Soling sponsored a contest to find the best recipe for chocolate chip cookies and got over 2.600 responses for various recipes.
  • Did you know you eat about 35,000 cookies in a lifetime?
  • Chocolate chip cookies were originally called Chocolate Crunch Cookies.
  • Massachusetts’s official state cookie is the chocolate chip cookie, and in 2001 the commonwealth of Pennsylvania declared it their official cookie as well.
  • The recipe for chocolate chip cookies was brought to the United Kingdom in 1956.
  • Maryland Cookies was one of the U.K.’s best-selling chocolate chip cookies.
  • In the Middle East, chocolate chip cookies are topped with chocolate sauce and eaten with a knife and fork.
  • Consumption of chocolate chip cookies increased 10% following the introduction of detailed Nutrition Facts labels.
  • One Nestlé chocolate bar = 160 chocolate chips.
  • It’s America’s favorite cookie. Fifty-three percent of American adults prefer chocolate chip cookies over peanut butter cookies (16 percent), oatmeal cookies (15 percent), and any other variety.
  • Your average rounded tablespoon can hold an average of 50 chocolate chips.
  • There are 7 billion chocolate chip cookies eaten in the United States every year, with about 50% of those homemade cookies.


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