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The World’s Most Expensive Pear Is A Buddha Shaped Pear That Sells For Over $9.00 Each

Pears have been around for over 4000 years coming from the Caucasus and spread over from Asia and Europe to North America. Today, pears are considered a stable in any American supermarket, but in comparison to fruits like apples and oranges, pears can be difficult to incorporate into your daily meals. Pear Month is here to change that.

  • Pear Month, started by USA Pears and officially declared by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, is a month-long holiday dedicated to educating people about how to tell the ripeness of a pear and how to make the most out of eating pears.
  • USA Pears created this holiday back in 2011 based off of a survey that stated that 84% of shoppers cannot tell when a pear is ripe when they are shopping in a grocery store.
  • According to USA Pears, checking the ripeness of a pear can make all the difference because pears, when harvested, don’t come off the tree ripe but rather mature. The best way to check if a pear is ripe is the check the stem of the pear.
  • Asian pears were cultivated in China as early as 1134 B.C.
  • There are over 3000 varieties of pears grown around the world.
  • The first pear tree was planted in the North America in 1620 in the Massachusetts Bay colony.
  • The Chinese considered the pear, which they call “li,” to be a symbol of immortality. The destruction of a pear tree symbolized tragic or untimely death.
  • Before tobacco was introduced in Europe, pear leaves were smoked.
  • Most pears (about 95%) sold in the U.S. are grown on the west coast, in Washington, Oregon, and Northern California.
  • The Bartlett is the most popular variety of pear in the United States.
  • Pears were used as a natural remedy against nausea in ancient Greece.
  • Pears used to be called “butter fruit” for its soft, butter-like texture.
  • Pears are a part of the rose family.
  • The world’s most expensive pear is a Buddha shaped pear that sells for over $9.00 each. The Buddha pear looks exactly like a Buddha statue, even down to the facial details.
  • The wood from a pear tree is used in making furniture and kitchen utensils, as well as smoking meats.
  • Pear wood is favored for architect’s rulers because it doesn’t warp.
  • In China, it is bad luck for lovers or friends to share a pear because it may result in a quarrel or separation.
  • Court accounts of Henry III of England record pears shipped from La Rochelle-Normande and presented to the King by the Sheriffs of the City of London.
  • Pears are rich in dietary fibers, vitamin C and vitamin K. They’re also sources of minerals such as copper and potassium.


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