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The Turtle Club: A Slice of Naples History on Vanderbilt Beach

Al fresco dining at the Turtle Club on Vanderbilt Beach

The Vanderbilt Beach Resort (VBR) is a hotel with an accompanying restaurant in Naples. Since the demise of The Naples Beach Hotel and Golf Club, VBR has become the oldest family-run beach resort in Naples.

It was started in 1968 with the purchase of an existing hotel at this location by the Moore family and continues to this day. The restaurant at VBR is called The Turtle Club, a beachfront restaurant on Vanderbilt Beach.

Locally, the Ritz Carlton Beach Resort towers over the Turtle Club, but the restaurant is definitely not in its shadow.  It was the afternoon of December 24th, and my dining companion and I decided to do something special.

It had been almost 10 years since I had eaten here last.

Oysters Turtlefeller

Before I get into the specifics of the Menu, one must remember you are in part, paying for a beachfront view. The first thing ordered was the “famous oysters turtlefeller”. These were delicious, and a traditional Oysters Rockefeller with a twist. Spinach, bacon, cream, and parmesan cheese sealed the deal here, all going onto the shucked oysters under the broiler.  There were five oysters for a standard serving. Additional oysters can be added for four dollars each.

We then split the honey and almond roasted salmon salad. The picture is a half salad, split at no charge in the kitchen before serving.

Honey and roasted almond salmon salad

This salad was excellent. The salad is seared salmon atop greens topped with toasted almonds and honey. Strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries are great condiments in addition to a slice of pineapple served atop a savory cracker.

We finished with a split of their classic beach burger. The burger is a generous serving of blended short rib, brisket and sirloin. It is served on a brioche bun accented with lettuce, tomato, cheese (here sharp cheddar), dill pickle and fries. It was excellent, on par with the rest of our meal.

Classic beach burger with fries

Lunch at the Turtle Club is highly recommended. They have the history, location and an excellent menu making this one of the best beachfront dining experiences in Naples. Further, our server was a local and had worked at the resort for almost 20 years. He was well versed on our menu choices, was very sociable, and was extremely proud of his affiliation with this family resort for almost two decades.

Our food, with tax and tip, came to about $80. The afternoon before Christmas Eve, I thought this reasonable based on the restaurant’s excellent food and service, in addition to a stellar beach view. One day, as with the Naples Beach Hotel, it will not be in its present form. Experience a lovely piece of Naples history while you can.

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The Turtle Club

9225 Gulfshore Drive North

Naples, FL 34208


The Turtle Club Website

Open for lunch daily, 11AM to 230PM, Dinner, 5-9 PM; All major credit cards accepted; Valet parking available; Reservations not accepted for lunch, availability on a first-come basis

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