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The Top Home Decorating Trends Right Now


In the past year and a half, many of us have spent a lot more time at home than usual. Being in a nice environment is important for our everyday well-being, so taking extra time to decorate our homes is usually worth it. If you’re looking for ways to freshen up the space around you, we’ve looked at some of the current big trends for home decorating.

When decorating your home, it’s possible to balance functionality with aesthetics. Remember that this is your place and therefore build it in a way that gives you joy in your everyday life. Check out the home decor trends below to get inspired!

Indoor plants and trees

Having a large number of green houseplants in our homes has been trending for a long time now – and for good reasons. Plants bring nature inside and come with a bunch of benefits for our well-being. Nurturing plants and having them around us can be both relaxing and therapeutic.

Art prints

Artwork can improve any room, and it’s up to you which style you prefer. There are many high-quality, affordable art prints to choose from online. You can frame them and hang them directly on a wall or put them on a shelf or other piece of furniture. Use wall art to create contrasts in the room, or to tie the room together.

Grandmillenial style

Besides the nowadays widespread minimal trend, often with influence from Scandinavian homes, there’s a new design trend on the rise. This trend is referred to as granny chic or grandmillenial style. It embraces nostalgia and traditional design and décor, while refreshing older items with modern accessories.

The style is much about personal taste and comfort. For example, you can decorate with details such as vintage lampshades, cake plates, and dried flowers. Putting a modern quilt on a vintage velvet sofa can bring new life to it.

Checks and stripes

These two patterns are classics that you can mix and match. A fun trend right now is combining checks and stripes patterned items, for example, striped walls and a classic check throw on the bed.

Open kitchen shelves

This is perhaps one of the more controversial trends. It comes with some downsides, one being that your dishes and glasses have little protection against dust and grease. If you’re not careful it could also end up looking a little chaotic.

If you want to try the open shelf trend, a good option might be to replace the cabinet doors with glass doors. Another option is having only a couple of open shelves where you put your finest items like decorative plates and vases.

Multi-functional furniture

Tiny living and minimalism could be behind the trend of multi-functional furniture. It saves space and allows you to utilize a room in more than just one way. Some examples of smart furniture:

  • A bench with storage compartments underneath
  • A table which folds out from the wall
  • A sleeper sofa

Remember to keep the decorating fun, and don’t be afraid to follow your own personal style! With inspiration, time and testing out different ideas you’re on your way to creating your dream home.