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The Top 3 B2B Channels You Need to Use in 2020

There are many businesses that are struggling with B2B lead generation and throw money away at ads on various social media platforms. Ads are great but they have their place in a marketing strategy of a business.

In this post, we want to show you three B2B channels that do not require any ads spend to execute. These channels will work for you organically without needing to advertise. And if you ask a b2b appointment setting service.

1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the top B2B lead generation channel but a lot of people are not using it correctly. It all starts with optimizing your profile. Make sure to add a profile picture and a relevant banner. Make sure that they both look professional and are not blurry.

Next, make sure that you update all of your job experience, certifications and education (and volunteer positions if you have any). Write a good summary of your jobs and experience at the top. But don’t stop there. Make sure that you are an active participant in the LinkedIn community. Post content, reply to other people’s content and publish some articles.

When you take all of these steps to optimize your profile and maximize your presence on LinkedIn then you should use a LinkedIn outreach tool like LinkedHelper that can help you send hundreds of connect requests and messages to your contacts.

2. Push Notifications

The next most overlooked B2B channel is push notifications. Most people think that no one clicks yes on these little popup messages you get on your browser right? Well, we thought so too, until we tried it.

We sent out our first push notification and we got 1,800 subscribers in 2 weeks. After that, we set up an automatic notification for people that abandon their carts, sent regular follow-ups with links to our content. This resulted in a lot of extra revenue we didn’t know we could get using push notifications.

If you don’t know where to start you can use an app like Subscribers or OneSignal to get yourself off the ground. This channel will get your more and more leads the more consistently you use it.

3. Cold Email

Last but not least, it’s time to talk about cold emails. Cold Email is a great way to get B2B leads and to close them. Tools like Mailshake and Lemlist make cold email marketing really easy. Get a list of leads that you want to email and plug them in a drip campaign on one of these tools. Write 5-6 follow up emails and space them out 3-5 days depending on your industry. Cold email campaigns do really well and can generate a ton of leads for you.


B2B lead generation doesn’t have to be so complicated and it doesn’t have to cost so much money. If you use cold email outreach, push notifications, and LinkedIn (the right way) you can generate hundreds of qualified leads and start moving them down your marketing funnel.