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The Three Best Ways To Sell Your Phone Online

Selling your old phone for some extra cash to buy a new and upgraded model is not a new idea. However, selling your phone online is relatively new.

Nowadays, there are dedicated platforms that cater to the reselling of electronics. Such platforms offer several ways you can sell your old phone without going through the hassle of finding the highest paying buyer.

With that said, there are many options available to sell your phone online.


Gizmogo is a website that dedicatedly purchases old electronics. They buy everything ranging from used gaming consoles too, of course, used phones. 

The most significant benefit of selling your phone to Gizmogo is that it is perhaps the most hassle-free way to get a great price for your phone. You simply have to go to this website, select the options that describe the current condition of the device you are selling and you will be presented with a quote.

If you are happy with the quote, the website will give you a shipping label that you can use to ship your phone for free. Simply pack your phone, visit the nearest UPS or USPS office and drop off your package.

Sellers also have some choices when it comes to accepting payment for their used devices. You can opt for payment in the form of a direct bank transfer, or through PayPal, or e-check, or even in the form of an Amazon gift card.


Swappa is another popular platform for selling used electronic devices online. However, unlike Gizmogo, there is a little hassle involved in selling on Swappa.

Unlike Gizmogo, the website is not going to purchase your phone. Instead, you will be required to create a listing on the Swappa marketplace that other users (hopefully that are interested in buying) can view.

While creating a listing is quite easy, the next steps will require you to interact with potential buyers that will mostly be trying to bargain on your quoted price.

However, once you find a buyer, the rest of the process is again very easy. The buyer pays for your device on your website and Swappa pays you instantly. Then, all you have to do is ship the product and update the shipping number on your Swappa listing.

There is, however, a limitation associated with Swappa. The website only lets you create a listing for a limited number of phones. While this covers the most popular phone models, if you have a niche phone, you may not be able to create a listing on Swappa.


Trading your phone in is a great option if you are thinking of purchasing a new device on Amazon or from Best Buy.

Trading your phone in means that you will be selling your phone to one of these businesses and in exchange will be getting a gift card that you can use for purchasing your new device.

The process is quite similar to the process of selling on Gizmogo. While the trade-in payouts are generally considered generous, Amazon and Best Buy usually pay more than buyers on Swappa or Gizmogo.