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The Rise of Online Betting and COVID-Safe Digital Casinos


March 2020. Looking back, many refer to it as the “month that the world shut down.” In just a few short weeks, the world’s biggest airlines had to receive federal bailouts. Cruise lines went extinct overnight, brick-and-mortar retail establishments shuttered their doors, and historic restaurants cooked their last meals. Sadly, hundreds of thousands also paid with their lives.

Looking back on the event a year later, it’s obvious to see how the world has changed. We wear masks in public, we order our meals online, we order household supplies on the internet, and now we can even get the groceries delivered to the front door!

COVID-19 also impacted the gambling industry. If you think that a virus is going to stop people from gambling, then think again. The online casino has risen from the ashes of the Vegas strip and sites that offer live betting, sportsbook/racebook betting, and casino games are here to stay.

In today’s article, we’re going to look at why gambling websites are more relevant than ever. We’ll also discuss how Sports betting online can be done with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

Bet Online Safely with Digital Casinos

Las Vegas is one of the biggest tourist destinations in the country. When most people think of poker or betting on a horse race, Vegas is one of the first things that comes to mind. It’s the home of the bachelor party, shotgun weddings, and where The Weekend’s world-famous Blinding Lights music video was filmed.

Although it has since re-opened with social distancing restrictions, many are still wary about going into a closed building where millions have gone before. The concept of sharing a table with somebody who has recently been on a confined airplane isn’t exactly the safest choice when dealing with a potentially deadly virus.

Gambling and sports betting with online sites like BetUS is a great way to get the familiar rush of winning a hand of poker without having to sanitize your hands afterward. You’ll be able to play the same casino games, engage in sports betting (including live betting matches), and even bet on political events. All of this from the safety and comfort of your own living room.

Online Sports Betting Made Easy

An online gambling site allows verified account holders to bet online on any game they want to. Whether you’re into NFL football, NBA basketball, soccer, hockey, boxing, or even college football, you’ll be able to place a bet on the team that you want to win. If your team wins, then you take the cake; if not, then you accept your losses and move on to the next game.

Live Betting on Sports

In addition to betting on the odds of a traditional sportsbook, players will also be able to place live bets on a match while it’s in progress! Now you can take your sports betting to a whole new level. Betting in-game gives you more control and gives you a fun way of keeping up with the game minute-by-minute since your money depends on it.

Betting with The Online Sportsbook

Most online sportsbooks make using their sportsbook incredibly easy. Once you log into your account, you’ll be able to make a deposit into your account and place bets on any upcoming match you want. Essentially, your deposit will be wagered on the odds of your favorite team winning.

Forget The “Bookie”

Another great reason to start gambling online is that you don’t have to deal with shady individuals. Since all of your money is handled by a third-party escrow, you’ll never have to worry about a “bookie” running off with your money and leaving you penniless.

Online Betting with Bitcoin

One of the driving forces behind digital betting is Bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrency. Since cryptocurrency isn’t well-regulated and provides instant, fast, and secure money transfers, American and foreign platforms are allowing players to place a wager using their Bitcoin.

In addition to simply allowing it, many online casinos are offering a considerable bonus for those who want to bet online with crypto!


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