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The Only Checklist You Need Before Moving To A New House


Moving a house is both overwhelming and exciting. It’s is more like a project which has many strings that should be held right to be successful. It takes a lot of preparation and planning from budgeting to packing to moving and then organizing and setting up a new place.

The list seems never-ending and we tend to make mistakes if not fully prepared. The top movingfeedback.com national moving companies advise you to keep a pen and paper handy and write down each and everything that comes to your mind when you talk about moving. Moving a house and all your earthly belongings is a big change in your life, so before you move into your new home, consider the following important points.

Keep these points in mind:

  • Moving is a life-changing decision and it not only impacts your professional life but also your social life. When making the decision to move figure out the many things and facilities available now which you may miss at your new place. This will help you in prioritizing your needs. You can look for similar neighborhoods and/or similar houses at the new location to feel at home.
  • Budgeting is a big factor to be considered when making a moving decision. Make a rough estimate of all the moving costs.  If the moving decision is too costly and irrevocable then look for ways to save some money.
  • Research the climate, if a different city. If you are planning to buy a house then know the down payment and mortgage insurance properly.
  • Consider the cost of living in your new place. Check out the new city and neighborhood to know what’s nearby like grocery stores, pharmacies, restaurants etc.
  • The biggest expense is the cost of a moving company. Be sure that it is a reliable company by reading reviews and ratings of the moving company. Make sure they are licensed and insured.
  • A common mistake is not knowing the room measurements of your new house. Don’t forget those door width measurements or that couch may not fit.
  • Make sure you transfer all your utility connections to your new place. Schedule date and time for disconnections and connection with your service providers for gas, cable, and internet.
  • Schedule a security system installation before your moving day.
  • Moving time makes a huge difference in budgeting. Mid-week and mid-month are the right times to move as some moving companies offer discounts at these times of the week/month.
  • Check what is allowable/and not allowable on the truck.  Mainly non-allowable items include paints, propane tanks, aerosol cans, cleaning solvents, and fire extinguishers, etc.
  • Labeling boxes is a very important task. This will enable you to sort things for each room while unloading the truck. Label the boxes with room names or numbers. Boxes containing kitchenware and glassware should be marked fragile.
  • Use the right quality moving supplies especially for your valuable goods like televisions, mirrors, artworks, and other heavy goods.
  • If you have school-aged children make sure you have researched the neighborhood schools in your area. Check school ratings and reviews for better results.
  • Inform people, banks and other companies about the address change. Be sure and update your billing and subscription addresses.
  • Learn all the plant transportation rules before you plan to move your plants with you especially if you are moving interstate. Different states have different rules and guidelines regarding plant transportation. 

Knowing where to start for relocation is the key to success. Hope this checklist helps you in starting the move on the right note and enjoy success thereafter.

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