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The Luxurious Miami Yacht Rental Process


Man has always had a fascination with the sea, and getting out there on a luxury yacht, away from the rigors of daily life, has to be the best way to experience it. Of course, that’s an option only available to the very rich, right? In fact, you can enjoy a luxury yacht experience, whether with your family or as part of a group and at surprisingly affordable prices.

Where can you go sailing in your own rented luxury yacht? Miami is the place! With a choice of marinas, the wonderful clear blue waters off the shore, and some fantastic destinations in reach, luxury yacht charter Miami could be the vacation you are looking for. With a choice of stunning yachts to suit all budgets, you could even rent a yacht for a corporate or family event!

How it Works

Charterlux has made renting a luxury yacht easy. You can rent for 4 hours if you wish – perfect for taking a few clients or friends out for a fun ride – or a week, should you be looking for a vacation. All you need to do is full in the online form and they’ll get back to you with a price, then take it from there.

One of the main advantages of chartering your yacht from Miami is the sheer variety of things to do, places to go and wonderful restaurants, bars and shops that this amazing city has to offer.

What to Do

Let’s say you are interested in chartering a yacht for a few days. You could try fishing from the yacht – there are some excellent places to fish for the sport off Miami – or you could head for one of the popular local destinations.

The sheer beauty of Key Biscayne, unspoiled is easy to reach with your luxury yacht, and the wonderful Nixon Beach Sandbar is somewhere very special indeed, a place where you can drop anchor and go sailboarding, or simply relax and enjoy the glorious Miami weather.

Take the yacht back to Miami Beach Marina, from where you can head into downtown Miami. Or, you could simply visit one of the many fine restaurants along the waterfront – and enjoy a meal watching the sunset over the bay.

Choosing the Right Yacht

The choice of yachts at Charterlux is simply amazing! The charming ‘Rodriguez’ is a wonderful catamaran that sleeps 6 and comes with a crew of two. It is the perfect choice for a family break. Or, you could choose the very wonderful ‘Jolly Good’ which can carry up to 13 guests, perfect for entertaining.

The sheer variety of yachts offered means there will certainly be something for you!