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The Laws Surrounding Gambling in Florida


In the US, when the government set laws, they do so on both a federal and a state level. Federal laws apply to everyone in the US whereas state laws apply to specific states. Different things are decided on different levels and the rules and regulations surrounding gambling are all done by the State. So, if you live in Florida and want to gamble, you are likely wondering whether you are permitted to do so.

Is Gambling in Florida Legal?

Yes, gambling has been legal in Florida in a number of forms since 1931. Throughout the state, there are currently seven casinos, six of which are run by the Seminole Tribe of Florida.

You can also partake in different casino-style gambling in Florida on a day cruise boat as these are located on international waters. For instance, Princess Cruises offer betting and casino games on their ocean liners. As such, a lot of residents will go on these cruises so that they can play some of their favorite gambling games.

Is Online Gambling Legal in Florida?

Ever since the first online casino was launched in 1996, many people from all around the world have started taking part in online gambling on different websites. This popularity is reflected not only in the number of consumers but also in the number of online casinos that are actually available. It doesn’t take much more than a quick Google search for someone to be able to find the best online casinos that payout.

In its legislation, Florida does not actually address internet gambling, leading the interpretation of the law reasonably vague. Even though in terms of legality there is quite a grey area in place, there aren’t any online casinos available based in Florida and Police are always looking to shut down unauthorized gambling sites throughout the state. That being said, there are still ways for people to engage in different forms of online gambling.

Is the Law in Florida Likely to Change?

There has certainly been an expansion of gambling throughout the US as more and more states are becoming lenient with online gambling laws. As such, there is a chance that we might see some changes within Florida where more citizens have access to online gambling throughout the state. The recent legalization of online sports betting could be an indication that state officials are going to lean that way.

What Is the Legal Gambling Age in Florida

Again, in the same way, that the legality of gambling varies from state to state, so too does the legal gambling age. In Florida, adults need to be 18 years old in order to gamble in games such as poker. That being said, those who are getting involved in iGaming and placing bets online need to be 21 to do so.

The laws surrounding gambling in Florida are different from other states in the US and as such, it is important you stay on top of the current law. It is legal to gamble in Florida; however, you are only able to gamble online if you do so using a social casino and are in a sweepstake. You are also able to place bets on sporting events, but you need to be 21 in order to do so.


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