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The Killer of Suitcases (Video)

The Travelmate robot assistant is a multi-purpose autonomous robot that doubles as a suitcase. Its patented movement system allows the robot to follow you in all sorts of conditions.

It works 24/7 indoors, outdoors, daylight, low light conditions and even in blackout conditions. This is because of a patented movement system that does not use camera vision. Travelmate can talk and will be able to understand simple commands. It’s got millions of colors, thanks to LED lighting. Something that makes it immediately stand out.

If you’re worried about losing it, then don’t be, because it includes tracking through the Travelmate app. You can click on “track” in the application to see where your robot is at all times. If someone tries to pick it up, then it’ll also lock its wheels to help prevent theft.

The future of travel will include robot suitcases, but Travelmate goes well beyond that. It’s more akin to a personal robot butler. Imagine a portable Alexa mixed with a robot and you get a Travelmate.

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Travelmate Robotics, in addition to making this award-winning robot, has some new products that they’ve recently launched. Namely, two similarly featured semi-autonomous robot assistants that are made to help people carry heavy things. The first is just called the Travelmate Assistant and the second is named Lugass, which is rather intriguing.

Lugass is a play on words and is short for luggage assistant. Both of these robot assistants help you to carry any weight. You can use as little as one finger to move from place to place. It pinpoints your intended speed and the angle of the luggage. Then, it activates its motors to help you move your stuff.

You can find out more about Travelmate Robotics and its range of products on their website at travelmaterobotics.com