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The First Chocolate Wafers Were Made In 1898 Austria

If you love chocolate, then National Chocolate Wafer Day on July 3rd allows you to indulge in a delicately sweet cookie with a history.  Have one for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

  • Also called sugar wafers, these delicate snacks melt in your mouth. Made since the mid-1800s in the United States, makers called the cookies many names; wafer cookies, sugar wafers, sugar biscuits, fairy wafers.
  • While many enjoyed them as snacks, they also became favorite after-dinner treats or served during teas. Lightly flavored and layered with a creamy filling, the thin cookies delight folks of all ages.
  • A wafer is a crisp, often sweet, very thin, flat, and dry biscuit, often used to decorate ice cream. Wafers can also be made into cookies with cream flavoring sandwiched between them.
  • While cookies and pastries containing cocoa have been produced for centuries, the commercial version of the chocolate wafer got its start back in 1924, when the National Biscuit Company (now simply known as Nabisco) began selling them in tins along with sugar wafers and ginger wafers.
  • These crispy, sweet snacks are an American favorite. With their waffle surface pattern and thin layers, they can often be found accompanied with ice cream or cooked into other baked goods.
  • Chocolate wafers are enjoyed as a key ingredient in Oreos.
  • Magic happened on March 6, 1912, when two decoratively embossed chocolate-flavored wafers met up with a rich crème filling. Today, Oreo is the world’s top-selling cookie.
  • Ancient Aztecs thought chocolate had magical powers; like the ability to give them strength.
  • Chocolate was consumed by the ancient Aztecs as a frothy beverage, somewhat like the hot chocolate we drink today.
  • Chocolate contains over 300 mineral properties that are beneficial to your health.
  • Chocolate comes from a plant, called Theobroma cacao, which translates “Food of the Gods”.
  • Dark chocolate has more antioxidants than green tea and just as many as blueberries.
  • Oreo Way is a street in New York that was formerly known as West 15th (between 9th and 10th Avenues). The street was renamed to honor where the very first cookie was made and where the very first Nabisco factory was located.
  • There are factories that make Oreo cookies in 18 countries all over the world. These factories help produce 40 billion cookies every year. If stacked together, these cookies would circle the earth five times!
  • It takes 120 minutes to produce an Oreo cookie … but does it take that long to eat one?
  • A single-serving chocolate bar takes two to four days to make.
  • The earliest known record of an ice cream sandwich occurred in 1894. The recipe calls for ice cream slathered between two slices of sponge cake. Today, it’s most commonly placed between chocolate wafers or cookies.
  • Thin Mints are crispy chocolate wafers dipped in a mint chocolate coating, and are the Girl Scouts’ most popular selling cookie, accounting for 25% of sales.
  • Variations of chocolate wafers can also be found around the world. Did you know that in Egypt, there are special kinds of wafers called “freska” that are only sold on the beach in the summertime?
  • Probably the most prominent example of chocolate wafers is the now famous Kit Kat bars which are composed of three layers of wafers covered in an outer layer of chocolate and divided into two to four “fingers.” They’re crispy, crunchy, chocolatey, and just about impossible not to like.
  • 15th Century – The Aztecs use chocolate as a currency.
  • 1847 – A Bristol company, J.S. Fry & Sons, makes the first bar of chocolate.
  • 1898 – Manner, an Austrian company, makes the first chocolate wafers.
  • 1935 – KitKat begins being produced in the U.K.


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