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The ‘Epsicle” Was Invented By An 11-Year-Old In 1905. It Became “Popsicle” In 1924

Updated April 18, 2024

(August 14, 2020) National Creamsicle Day on August 14th celebrates the creamy citrus dessert on a stick. During the height of summer, what better way to enjoy refreshment than with a creamsicle!

  • 14th Century – Evidence of ice cream can be traced back to Asia during the 14th century.
  • 1872 – Two men sell frozen ice-cream treats on a stick which they name the ‘Hokey Pokey.’
  • 1905 – An 11-year-old Frank Epperson inspired the creation when he invented the original popsicle back in 1905. After mixing up a powdered soda, he left the beverage overnight with the stirring stick in it. Temperatures dropped unusually low that night and the next morning, Epperson found the liquid frozen on the stick. He dubbed the creation the Epsicle. Sometime later, he changed the name to Popsicle, it was also known as “creamsicle” and even “dreamsicle”.
  • 1920 – Harry Burt of Youngstown, Ohio, is credited with the first ice cream truck and he is the creator of the Good Humor brand.
  • 1923 – it wasn’t until 1923 that it dawned on him that this could be a money-spinner, and he changed the name to Popsicle
  • 1924 – Despite patenting the Popsicle in 1924, he couldn’t quite break even and sold his idea to the Joe Lowe Corporation — which went on to make a fortune from the frozen treat.
  • 2005 – On June 22, 2005, Snapple tried to beat the existing Guinness Book of World Records entry of a 1997 Dutch 21-foot ice pop by attempting to erect a 25-foot ice pop in New York City. The 15.9 tons of frozen juice that had been brought from Edison, New Jersey in a freezer truck melted faster than expected, dashing hopes of a new record. Spectators fled to higher ground as firefighters hosed away the kiwi-strawberry-flavored mess.
  • Creamsicle flavors include orange, blue raspberry, lime, grape, cherry and blueberry.
  • The Popsicle company offers three different types of Creamsicles: 100 calories bars, low-fat pops and sugar free pops
  • “Creamsicle” is the brand name of an ice cream treat.  It consists of vanilla ice cream on a Popsicle stick with an outer coating of sherbert. While many other flavors now exist, the original flavor was orange.
  • Although it’s officially a brand of frozen popsicle, the Creamsicle craze has touched every market — from cupcakes to cocktails.


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