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The Coolest Electric Bikes In 2021


Electric bikes are trending in today’s society in popularity and efficiency. The first E-bike came onto the scene in the 1990s. Michael Kutter, from Switzerland, invented a throttle-free E-bike that had pedals that were power controlled.

A few years later, Yamaha arrived with a much similar invention. Gradually, other companies started to catch wind of the invention and modified it.

Such a company was AeroVironment, which in the same decade, went into partnership with GT Bicycles and made one that was known as the GT Charger. It used lead-acid batteries for power, weighed sixty-five pounds, and was pedal-controlled. Many other companies such as Sony, came up with their own version and the list goes on.

Since then, E-bikes have come a long way. There has been a gradual interest in producing E-bikes from different companies, situated all over the world. The market has become competitive and now, there is a vast selection to choose from when it comes to Electronic bikes.

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What exactly are Electronic Bikes?

E-bikes are equipped with rechargeable batteries. Unlike the typical bicycle that makes you break into a sweat, they can reach a speed of up to 25 Km per hour. They can even go up to 45 Km per hour in some cases. You still have to do the peddling, but it does not take as much effort as the ordinary bike. This is perfect than having to use the ordinary bike because you get to where you want to go much faster- and less sweaty!

Amazingly, they are energy efficient and don’t require emission inspections. In a nutshell, they are ideal for keeping the air clean at a low cost.

A new bill introduced for Electronic Bikes

There was a new bill that was proposed in the Senate that would initiate 30% credit ($1500) when one buys an E-bike. It was proposed by Brian Schatz and Brian Markey. It was presented as The Electric Bicycle Incentive Kick-start act.

Listed below are some Electronic bikes that are worth looking into in 2021, in no particular order.

Best Electronic bikes in the market

The Gazelle Medeo T9 Classic

This is a buyer’s favorite since it has a low step which enables the rider to get on with ease. It is also beautifully designed. The suburban E-bike has a battery that is 400Wh with a Bosch mid-drive motor. Gearing is at a Shimano 9 speed. Moreover, it has a cushioned seat that is comfortable to sit on while riding the bike.

This E-bike is beautifully crafted and sturdy at best. With an aluminum frame, it has a nice grip to it and with hydraulic disc brakes, it gives the bike great response times and adequate balance. It is perfect for people who live in the suburbs and love taking a ride down the beach.

Price: $1,999.

Charges Bike City

This bike has the reputation for working well with people who use it for transportation to and from work. One of the reasons is because it’s equipped with whistles and even bells, which are necessary for alerting people when you need to get past The battery is 418Wh and it can go for up to 50 miles. Gearing is at a Shimano 7-speed and carries a Bafang rear hub motor. For a reasonable and affordable price, it possesses a throttle button that when pressed, goes on to full power. Furthermore, it has a power assist, which is split into five levels. For easy storage, the handlebars are foldable. Usually, it takes about 3 days before the battery runs out of charge.

Price: $1,499.

Biktrix Stunner X

This bike is known for its great uphill climb capability. Its battery is 840 Wh with a Bafang 750w mid-drive motor which is considered to be quite powerful. Gearing is at a Shimano Alivio 9-speed and weighs 65.8 pounds. The bike is great for snow weather conditions as well as riding it in muddy terrain. Equipped with 26-inch wheels, it makes for a stable ride and can go for up to 40 miles. Also, this E-bike can be shifted from throttle mode to pedal-assist mode at any given time.

Price: $2,799

Riese & Müller Load 60

The Riese & Muller Load 60 is termed the best cargo electric bike on the market. With two 500Wh batteries which last up to 12 hours and a Bosch cargo mid-drive motor, it is an eye-catching E-bike to bike lovers. Gearing is at a Shimano 11-speed, this bike can go up to 28 miles per hour. Incredibly enough, the Riese can also carry 200 pounds of stuff in the basket that’s installed in the front of the bike.

In addition to that, if you have children, you can comfortably sit a child of 1-6 years old in the cargo basket and ride. The bike is smooth sailing and it cannot be praised enough, hence the price. It’s a bit on the pricey side, but it’s well worth it.

Price: $8,099

What the future holds for Electronic bikes

It’s predicted that there will be a spike in the growth of the E-bike market, despite the shaky economy after the pandemic. The initial thought was E-bikes were going to decline in sales but on the contrary. They are actually increasing and people are investing in buying the bikes.

People are working out more and buying bikes for the whole family for trips during their vacation, including riding bikes in the park, to work, etc. Also, E-bikes are being used for delivery and courier services throughout the world.

Eventually, the prices will go down, just like everything else that comes to the market. There may come development in lighter bikes and batteries. There may be E-bikes that will be more efficient in all aspects like durability and comfort.  Who knows? But one thing is for sure; Electronic bikes are not going anywhere.