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The Chemistry Of Coffee Or How To Make The Perfect Cup Every Time, According To Scientists (Video)

Arabica beans are the best tasting, because they are higher quality and offer a wide range of flavors and aromas. But if you are starting to feel sluggish during the day, Robusta beans will give you an extra jolt because they have twice as much caffeine (DailyMail)

Since the discovery of coffee in the 9th-century, humans have been on a mission to create the perfect cup.

But this feat requires more than just high quality beans and impeccable roasting, there is also a great deal of complex chemistry involved.

This week’s Reactions episode takes viewers on a journey behind the scenes of how coffee is processed for drinking and shares tips on how to make the perfect cup.

Legend has it that a 9th-century Ethiopian goat-herder named Kaldi observed his herd behaving erratic after eating red berries near a Coffea Arabica tree.

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After trying some himself, he found his behavor to also be hyper.

Kaldi brought a batch to a monastery where they roasted the beans with warm water – creating the first cup of coffee.

‘We all know and love coffee for the caffeine, but caffeine doesn’t really affect its flavor,’ shares the Reactions team.

‘Making awesome tasting coffee requires excellence in three parts- the bean the roast and the brew.

That cup of coffee in your hand began its life on a tree, which sprouts red cherry-like berries.

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By STACY LIBERATORE FOR DAILYMAIL.COMSouthFloridaReporter.com, April 13, 2016