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The Cheerio Stacking Challenge


In the days leading up to Father’s Day, a fierce battle is being waged by dads across the Internet.

Called the Cheerio Challenge, this competition involves two things every parent has in their home: A kid, and a box Cheerios.

To play, simply grab the yellow box, find your sleepy toddler and begin vertically stacking the little O’s on your little one’s head.

Of course, your baby doesn’t have to be sleeping, but you’ll probably agree that it’s easier to stack things on them if they are.

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How The Challenge Began

The challenge was started by Life of Dad, a parent community that “celebrates the adventures of fatherhood.”

Co-founder Patrick Quinn told Mashable that he thought of the idea while playing with his 3-week-old son.

cheerio challenge“The idea to create the challenge came after I had managed to stack five and thought anything more would be impossible,” Quinn said. “I was sitting with my newborn and there were Cheerios left on the couch by my older son and stacking them on the baby’s face. It just seemed like the natural thing to do.”

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