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The Best Time to Plant Grass: Here’s What You Should Know


Planting a lawn is a sensitive affair and it can be affected by a number of things including the type of turfgrass you choose, the method you use to plant, and the time you do the planting.

The varieties of turfgrass that are best for warmer regions like Florida include Bahia, Centipede, Bermuda, Zoysia, and St. Augustine. These varieties are better able to stay lush in hot weather, so they won’t be adversely affected by long spells of heat.

With up to 90% of Americans preferring to live in homes surrounded by grass lawns, it’s important to know the best way to plant grass as well as which variety to plant.

Lawn Planting Methods

The three methods that you can use to plant a lawn are sodding, seeding, and sprigging. With sodding, you apply fertilizer to the area you intend to lawn then water it lightly. Start laying the sod down as soon as it arrives to avoid it yellowing or drying out, and work on one section of your lawn at a time then roll it with a roller that’s about one-third full of water as using a heavier roller will cause the sod to slip.

With seeding, you start by applying fertilizer then spread the seeds ensuring coverage of up to 20 seeds per square inch adding seeds if conditions are not favorable, and reducing them if conditions are favorable. For even coverage, spread the seed in one direction first then spread it in a perpendicular direction.

Finally, if you choose to plant with sprigs you should spread them over prepared soil for a coverage of up to ten bushels per 1,000 square feet. Cover them with up to half an inch of soil and press them in by rolling. Keep them moist enough to allow them to take hold well before leaving them to the elements.

The Best Time to Plant a Lawn

The best time to plant a lawn in Florida is Spring which is when most grass varieties hit their peak. Temperatures are ideal at this time and there is consistent rain to moisturize the lawn well.

The North and South of Florida experience different temperatures each season though, with areas in the North better for growing in late Spring and early Fall while areas in the South have good conditions nearly year-round.

If your grass does dry out after a freeze though, you can replace it with sod when peak growing season rolls back around. This will effectively get your lawn back in shape.

Aesthetics are an important aspect of many homeowners’ requirements and this is evidenced by the fact that more than 1.57 billion gallons of paint are sold in the United States alone.

When you are ready to plant your lawn, make sure to discuss the upcoming season with a knowledgeable person so you can find out if there is an unusual weather pattern on the horizon. This can save you from a lawn-planting disaster by making sure you don’t start your lawn at a time when it won’t thrive. You can also seek information online along with the 48% of internet users who are known to have done more than two weeks of research before they scheduled an appointment.

Other factors that can affect how well your lawn grows include your own personal preference, sunlight, usage, and soil composition, and pH among others. It’s important to know the options available to you so you can make an informed decision that won’t cost you a good lawn. Also, follow the supplier’s instructions to the last detail because different cultivars have different requirements to enable them to perform best.


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