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The Average Woman Owns Approximately 21 Pairs Of Underwear (+13 More Fun Facts)


National Underwear Day – August 5 for the annual observation.  If you’re like many Americans, your mother warned you to always wear clean underwear, because you never know when you will be in an accident! Although there are probably better reasons to wear fresh underwear, this is the one that most often comes to mind.

Underwear is the layer of clothing worn closest to the body and under the outer clothing. It protects clothing from sweat and provides the wearer protections from cold and chafing.  Underwear also provides support and shapes a body. Fabrics allow underwear to be designed for specific climates and sports.  They are designed for both modesty and to look alluring.

  • The average American woman owns approximately 21 pairs of underwear. Approximately 10% of women own over 35 pairs.
  • While underwear may or may not be worn under kilts, tradition holds that a “true Scotsman” would wear nothing underneath.
  • A 2008 survey revealed that 9% of men in America have underwear that is at least 10 years old. Fifteen percent own underwear that is between 5-9 years old.
  • In a recent survey by Chaffree only 15% of the women completing the survey had matching underwear on.
  • Single people are less likely to change their underwear on a daily basis than married people—82% versus 88%, respectively.
  • Ten percent of American women have confessed to occasionally having gone “commando” to avoid visible panty lines.
  • Trend analysts observe that a woman who wears a g-string is typically a woman who feels more uninhibited and more confident to display her body. Sexually, she is more willing to try different and creative positions.
  • Sexual researchers note that a woman who chooses to wear white cotton panties tends to be a low maintenance and a no-frills type of a woman. Researchers note that this is akin to letting a man see her without makeup.
  • The country with the most underwear models working for Victoria’s Secret is Brazil.
  • Though there are several legitimate claims as to who is the “father” or “mother” of the modern bra, a New York woman named Mary Phelps Jacobs is typically credited with creating the modern bra. She had her maid sew together two handkerchiefs with some ribbon and a cord. She patented her bra design under the label “brassiere” in 1914 and later sold it to the Warner Brothers Corset Company for $15,000.
  • King Tut, who ruled from age 9 to 18, was buried with 145 underpants.
  • Actress Tallulah Bankhead was infamous for not wearing underwear. During the filming of Lifeboat, the crew complained about her flashing them when she had to climb a ladder. Director Alfred Hitchcock reportedly quipped that he didn’t know if it was a matter for wardrobe or hairdressing.
  • Major League Baseball umpires are required by rule to wear black underwear, in case they split their pants.


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