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The Absolute WORST Christmas Candy, Ranked

A season full of candy traditions, Christmas is as joyous and jolly a season as many people will know. To keep that joyous tone, do not ask someone what their least favorite candy is. Something Grinchian takes hold when people speak of their candy dislikes. They suddenly summon their innermost darkness and unleash such foulness it rivals Raphie’s father dealing with the furnace.

It’s a delicate game, asking customers about their least favorite product of yours. The negativity flows so freely and easily. Once you open the door though, it’s difficult to encourage restraint.

We sell candy and love and respect candy of all kinds. The opinions below are not ours, but of some of our customers. It’s important to note that people’s preferences about candy are their own subjective opinions.

Candy is a much bigger part of culture than most people realize. People’s likes and dislikes are shaped by a thousand different influences over their lifetime, and especially their childhood.

They often contradict metrics like sales data. Some of the biggest sellers are also mentioned below as the most hated. Their popularity only serving to enhance the vitriol from those whose opinions have been shaped the other way.

We asked customers to give a few optional words to explain their choice for the worst… and the floodgates were open. Hopefully it has helped them get out some negativity and find some relief. And if you’re reading this from your newly zen place, respondents, thank you for your replies.

That is how we came to rank the worst Christmas candy. While doing a larger survey, we tacked this on as a final question, hoping to get something out of it. Over 11,000 customers responded.

Without further ado, the top ten WORST Christmas candies.

Worst Christmas CandySource: CandyStore.com

Honorable Mention (aka #11) – Peppermint Candy Canes

We were all set to only do ten but this came in at number eleven again this year. Given the extreme (cannot be overstated!) popularity of this candy during the holiday season, we though it merited a mention. And it goes to show you that even the most popular candies have many haters.

Initial response from our team: What are these people thinking?! This is a huge seller and adorns a large number of peoples Christmas trees not to mention the general decor of pretty much everywhere in December. It’s objectively extremely popular. Why is it hated at all?

We are not here to judge, only to convey survey results.

Ok, now the official top ten.

Candy Storeexcerpt posted on SouthFloridaReporter.com, Dec. 1, 2019