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The 7 Best Bookmakers in the US

Given the numerous bookmakers in the gaming industry, identifying the best one can be an uphill task. When selecting the best bookmaker, and especially in the US, the focus should be on the player ratings, the odds and markets available, bonuses and promotions, the site performance, live streams, customer service, and outstanding features like cash out. An excellent bookmaker may not necessarily be perfect in all the aspects, but they should have the right balance of everything. Reading a bookmaker review can give you additional information and help you find the best offers. Here are the top bookmakers in the US.


Bookmakers is an online betting site in the US that has been online since 2000 and is one of the oldest and most trusted online betting sites. Over the years, Bookmakers has gained a reputation for fair play and accepting huge wagers, which is suitable for high rollers. Besides, low risk-taking players are also welcome as this site does not limit players.

Bookmakers is an excellent site for new players as it has one of the most outstanding welcome bonuses in the US betting market. The welcome offer is a 100% cash bonus, which goes directly to the real account balance, and a player can use it to play immediately they register. The payment options available here are the most popular in the US, including Bitcoin and Bank Transfer. This online betting website is simple, easy to use, and navigates and loads quickly. The user ratings are excellent, and Bookmaker continues to exude exceptional customer service.


Bovada has been online since 2011 and is considered among the best online betting site in the US for a couple of reasons. It offers a good range of wagering options and prop bets every single day. Bovada’s easy to use mobile software has been one of its most significant selling points for a long time. The welcome bonus for new players is quite attractive, with a 50% cash bonus up to $250. There are no promotion codes needed here, and players can easily redeem the welcome offer from their accounts.

Bovada recently improved its line posting program by giving out odds during the night for all the leading US leagues, including the NBA, NFL, NHL, College Football, and MLB. This reputable bookmaker has the widely used payment methods in the US, including Bitcoin, Bank Wire, Debit card, and Check. The minimum deposit for Bitcoin is $10 and $20 by credit card. Bovada is an excellent online betting site for US players looking for the best gambling experience.


5Dimes has been online since 2000 and severally voted the best online betting site in the US. It has one of the most extensive and most comprehensive US betting markets. 5Dimes has had consistent and excellent customer service over the years. The website is quite simple and easy to use, but the quality of the betting product has continually improved over the years. The minimalist website makes navigation quick, and odds can be found easily. Players are required to register first before they can access any betting lines, which are over 100 for most major markets. Besides, 5Dimes offers prop bets for almost every event.

5Dimes gives players reliable payment methods, among them, Bitcoin, VISA, interbook transfers, person-to-person transfers, and money orders. Bitcoin, which has become a popular payment method, has a minimum deposit of $25, and VISA has a minimum of $50. 5Dimes bookmaker gives players a minimum of 20% bonus on the first deposit, although it could go to above 50%, which is determined by the deposit method. Welcome bonuses can either be free play, reduced juice, or cashback. 5Dimes has an excellent user rating attributed mostly to its honesty and fair play in gambling. It is an excellent site for both low risking players and high rollers as large bets are accepted.


Heritage bookmaker has been online since 2001 and is widely recognized for some of the lowest pricing margins in the gaming scene. It has some of the best and different bonuses and cash backs. There is a welcome offer of a 50% cash bonus and reduced juice, which saves money on wagers. Besides, Heritage has less commission charged on its wagers compared to its competitors, and this makes sports betting have better returns.

Heritage betting has risen to the limelight as a result of its excellent live betting offer, which has numerous wagering chances every single day. Besides, Heritage’s plentiful American Sports betting markets it offers players one of the best selections of non-US sporting markets. Just like other top betting sites, Heritage has reliable and secure payment methods that include VISA, Bitcoin, Bank Transfer, Check, American-express, and MasterCard. Bitcoin has a minimum deposit of $25 here. Heritage is an excellent site for players who enjoy the thrill of betting as the action takes place.


Betonline began its online betting activity in 2001and has recently gained popularity as a result of the timely release of its numerous betting lines on all major American markets. Unlike some betting sites that restrict players from specific states, BetOnline accepts players from all states. There is excellent coverage of sports from all popular US leagues, including NHL, NFL, NBA, MLB, NASCAR, NCAAF, boxing, and golf. An outstanding feature of BetOnline is its social media presence. Players appreciate a betting site that they can look up and interact with on Social Media. BetOnline has an extremely lively Twitter interaction and often posts sports betting consensus stats that assist players make decisions on games.

This bookmaker has numerous cashier options, among them Visa, MasterCard, American-express, bitcoin, and cashiers-check. Bitcoin has a $20 minimum deposit, while credit cards have a minimum of $50 for every transaction. BetOnline offers a 50% free play bonus.


Intertops has been operating in the online scene for over two decades, and it has a history of excellent service and quick payouts. Interlops accepts players from almost all states except Washington, New York, Louisiana, Missouri, New Jersey, Kentucky, and Maryland.

Intertop gives players three outstanding bonus options after registration, and they can select a plan that best suits them. Intertop has recently introduced a 100% cash bonus for its players. This bookmaker has great mobile software that is easy to use and allows players to bet online anytime, anywhere. Besides, the wide range of sports betting markets, Interlops has come to be known for its professional and reliable customer care team. Players appreciate an online betting site that has responsive customer support in case issues arise during the gaming period.

The payment options here are nothing short of a top bookmaker cashier option. Deposits can be made through Bitcoin, Bank transfer, and several E-wallets. Bitcoin has a minimum deposit of $25 and credit cards a minimum of $20. The withdrawal methods are also numerous and secure.


YouWager has been online for over two decades and is well known for offering fantastic bonuses and promotions for its players all around the year. This bookmaker is among the most reliable online betting sites with an all-around solid betting structure. YouWager offers players a great user experience and high-quality customer service. Besides, the sports betting game selection here is excellent, and players can enjoy a 50% free play bonus. YouWager offers diverse payment methods that include bitcoin, credit card, other cryptocurrency options, checks, person-to-person, and direct bank deposits, among others.