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Thailand Cave Rescue Operation Underway – Live Updates

Boys from an under-16 soccer team and their coach wait to be rescued after they were trapped inside a flooded cave in Chiang Rai, Thailand. Thai Navy Seal Facebook/via REUTERS

Rescue crews entered the Thailand cave about 11pm ET Saturday. The earliest the first group are expected to reach safety is approximately 10AM ET Sunday.

Following are some of the world wide news agencies reporting on events in LIVE online updates. The updates may be video or just copy information. The information below is as of 7:30am ET, but the highlighted links will take you to the latest information.

ABC News: Rescuers begin process of removing boys from cave in Thailand

Rescuers in Thailand have begun the process of removing the 12 boys and their soccercoach who have been trapped in a cave for two weeks, according to the Chiang Rai governor.

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CBS NewsThailand cave rescue: Operation underway to bring boys out of cave — live updates

A Thai governor said Sunday the operation to bring the trapped 12 boys and their coach out of a cave has begun. The acting Chiang Rai governor told reporters “today is D-Day” with 13 foreigner and five Thai divers taking part in the rescue. Thai officials said Saturday they are worried that heavy monsoon rain could soon make the job even more difficult and they may need to quickly rescue the boys and the soccer coach from a partially flooded cave by helping them make risky dives to safety.

CNNThai rescue: Divers start mission to free boys trapped in cave

The perilous mission to evacuate 12 boys and their 25-year-old coach trapped deep inside a flooded cave in northern Thailand is under way, Thai authorities announced Sunday. At 10 a.m. local time, an international contingent of 13 specialist divers and five Thai Navy Seals descended into the watery network of underground tunnels below the Mae Sai mountains, carrying with them the hopes of an entire nation.

The Guardian: Governor says ‘today is the peak of our readiness’ as 18 divers enter cave in an attempt to bring the trapped boys out.

Thirteen medical teams are standing ready outside the cave – each with its own helicopter and ambulance – one for each of 12 boys and their coach. After an initial assessment at the site, there are plans for the boys to be airlifted around 50 miles to the Chiang Rai Prachanukroh hospital.